East of Eden (EQ, anyone?)


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A fairly straightforward build of Yamaha's Nathan East parametric EQ for bass guitar. Haven't spent that much time tweaking and fiddling, but seems to enhance the harmonic content in a pleasing way: in a word, articulate. Quite dark for my taste with the LPF engaged, but imagine it might shine with an active bass as a final tone tweaker.

I see from the original manual that the input impedance is 470k, so not sure how it will behave with upright and piezo pickup. May or may not need a preamp for impedance optimisation. Will test on return from a couple of out of town gigs.


Safely housed. Name puns on Mr East's (as you see ;)) but also invokes the fairly obscure British psychedelic jazz/Middle East fusion unit of that name. (Come back John Steinbeck, all is forgiven).

And by all means I agree with @Mentaltossflycoon: moar toan-enhancing bass circuits please.

As always, thanks for reading and happy building y'all.
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