Fuzz decision help needed


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Looking for a fuzz for my 2nd board. ~ I have a TB MkII Pro on my main board, I have a few pedals I stack it with,
depending on the sound I'm wanting, Para EQ, boost ~ etc.

I'm looking at these; also open to suggestions.
J.Rockett WTF/Ermahgerd! Fuzz
ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud/Pyrocumulus Fuzz
Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe/Aldrin Fuzz

I would love to have something like 40% V3 3003 70's muff, and 60% TB.
would like something somewhat clean and produce a good amount of fuzz.
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Just ordered a dung beetle based on the scarab deluxe from basic audio. Looks pretty versatile with the bias and fat knobs


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just ordered. funny as I just sold my Tri/Ram today, so I was not really looking at anything Basic audio, even though they make 100 different fuzzes.