Good stacking drive with the chop shop


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Been thinking i want to box up a few pcbs in one enclosure as kind of an all in one. No brainer for me is the chop shop as a drive and ive used the tommy in conjunction with it some and been happy enough. But curious what drives you all have enjoyed stacking with it. If i can make it fit in one enclosure ideally im thinking sunface, general tso, chop shop, and another drive, possibly a 6 band at the end. This would be a in front of amp build, my main amp has a loop so id just out mod stuff there. Id also use switched jacks between boards to add anything…
I haven't tried it with too many things, but I was able to get some good tones with a Son of Ben and Mach 1. I like a Kliche set as a boost and stacked with almost anything.
I've had one on my bass oriented board in the past. One of the reasons I liked it so much is that it stacked so well with pretty much everything. I could put it at the beginning or the end of my dirt section and everything else around it could be utilized.

Other pedals not so much, in fact the pedal that unseated it is the chuck d bones bass Kliché which I do prefer but it only stacks well for my rig late in the chain. I did house a chopshop with a death cap fuzz once but that was more of a "these two things are awesome" vibe than a "this is the ultimate stack" vibe.
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I will need to get another pot and kettle board to try with it. If the prince of tone is good. Im liking the kliche thought too. Just looking for some things to try. I find so often i sit down to play for shorter periods and my board is alwahs in a constant state a change. A simple 1 pedal with a feww builds in it would be nice.
For the most part ive used it solo just amp reverb and it. Ive used a timmy to push it some and liked it. Just curiois what people have tried a liked, more looking just for ideas of pedals i havent built to try with it. I hadnt tried the klon with it, and i bet thats solid. Currently klon less so ill have to order one on my next order. Ive got a 1590xx box with no purpose at the moment.