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This build was a little challenging, but I’m in love with the end result. There’s not too many build reports on here for this one, so I’ll try to collect the useful information for builders in the future.

1. There wasn’t a drill guide when I made ordered the enclosure, but if anyone needs one for Tayda DM me. There’s not a lot of room for error, so unless you’re really accurate with drilling it might be a good idea to have it drilled. I’m not that good…

2. Someone on here recommended using 1N60’s for the GE “Magic Diodes” so I got a couple from Amplified Parts. It sounds great so I’ll take it those were a good choice. I could not figure out if they are supposed to match, but mine certainly do not.

3. This pedal will not work with the auditorium test platform. I understand this is because it’s buffered…now. I was dismayed when it didn’t fire up and spent a few hours trying to find the problem with an audio probe, before giving up. Then I was thinking it’s strange that there’s a Kliche specific 3PDT daughter board. So I boxed it before I could rock it and, yeah it was fine. Ultimately it was good because I think there were also circuit problems, and it was good practice, so I’m not sore about it. All is well that ends in a great pedal 😌

4. Had to order some unusual packages for caps. The values of a lot of caps and resistors seemed terribly specific. Not a huge deal, just a little more friction than usual.


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Dude I saw this on IG and it’s just as mesmerizing as when I first saw it…

Thanks my guy!
Is this hand drawn?? Screen printed??
The Horse-man is hand drawn, scanned, inked in Photoshop, then vectorized. Then color layers were added in Illustrator. It was UV printed by Tayda. I love screen printing but UV printing it so much faster and more reliable.

Very creative artwork. Looks great!