Maleficent Mids (Haunting Mids)


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I need to start off right away by saying I wasn’t expecting how much of an impressive impact this pedal was going to have on my board. Based on the super hyped pedal from a super hyped and divisive company (which I both find confusing an amusing at the same time), it can truly be a game changer in many applications. I placed it after my dirt and it turned my Twin Face, Klone, and Muroidea into completely different animals. I was particularly blown away by how it enhanced my fuzz, making it so much brighter (in a good way) and dynamic. I like to describe it as an EQ dialed into the sweetest of sweet spots. It’ll certainly stay on my board for quite some time, if not permanently.

Regarding aesthetics, I really like how those black plastic bezels (from Tayda) look on black enclosures; a sleek and minimalist look.

Super easy and fast build. A good place for novices to start and for veterans it’s a a fantastic utility pedal that can be ripped out quickly.

I feel the term “must have” is overused and has become watered down as a superlative, but I have no problem saying that this is a “must build.” Even if you’re not blown away like I am, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this pedal, as there’s no doubt it’ll make at least one thing on your board sound better.

Easy, fast, and more than worth it. There’s no reason to not build this pedal so just add it to your list.
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This pedal is fun isnt it? That sweep knob really is the star of the show here IMO! Great job by the way!