Massif/Ginormous PTP


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Livres up to the hype. Heavy heavy clouds. Xanadoomage.

Working my way through one knobbers, even though I made this one a two jobber by externalizing the bias. If I had to redo, probably I'd keep it internal. It makes a difference, but maybe not one I'd want to change on the fly.

Simple build, tried to make the circuit before putting in the grounds and such, bent the wires mostly around a screwdriver, looks better, but still kinda mostly meh. I don't know how folks get their stuff looking so clean and aesthetic.

This is a pretty good candidate along with the Acapulco gold for anybody looking to get into point-to-point-- especially if you dig the low and slow.

Sounds great though!

Going to tackle the Sorcerer/Wizard next.

IMG_20240615_161513428.jpg IMG_20240615_161435269.jpg IMG_20240615_161557120.jpg IMG_20240615_203851758.jpg
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This is the doom fuzz I've been searching for. Massive, ragged, throaty, none more saturated, but still articulate.

Only took me 237 builds to find it.

I'd hesitate to call it "clean up", but control with the guitar volume knob makes a big and immediate difference in the sound.

Probably my opinion will change tomorrow after a couple of hours logged with this, but damn... I feel I must recommend.
The 1k isn't really the bias, it's what the fuzz control is on the fuzz face. If you really want to add a bias control you can add a b10k pot in series with the r5 4.7k resistor before the transistor's collect and change the 820 ohm resistor to 1k. That's what I've done with a few Meathead clones, which is what the Massif is.