Muzzle (classic) no output


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EDIT: So I ended up having another switch to use. Still no fix. Reheated all of the solder joints and presto!

So I've built a muzzle before with no issues and a friend has it now so I built another for myself. Everything looks good but I'm not getting any output. When the pedal is bypassed I get signal but as soon as I turn it on, nothing. The LED is indicating that there is signal going into the pedal when I play just no sound. Upon further inspection the middle lug on my toggle for SW1 got too hot and melted. Could this be the source for my problem? I have to order a new toggle otherwise I would have just wired a new one in and found out. Is there also any other tips on where I might look? Thanks!
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So this is SOLVED?

Good on you for persevering!
Even better if you worked it out yourself, so congrats.
I suck at trouble-shooting my own builds, I almost always need extra eyes on the problem.

For anyone reading this that's new to the forum and needs to start a troubleshooting thread, it helps tremendously to post photos of the front and back of your trouble-some board.
Also, once figured out, the thread can be marked "Solved" by the OP.