Random vibrato?


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Hello all!
Just wondering if there is a pedal PCB project (or otherwise) that will give me a random vibrato?
I have tried the Shallow Water (a production model) and I didn't really like it! It was super noisy, to the point of being unusable.
The EQD aquaduct would be ideal, as it has controls for rate and depth but I understand there is no clone for that pedal.
Orrrr if anyone has ideas for pedals in production that cover this ground let me know!

Im basically after a pretty subtle tape warble effect for my guitar thats not too noisy.

Many thanks!
Other than a bit of typical BBD hiss, I wouldn't say the Shallow Water is noisy

I recently built a modified VIIB (with a Low Tide) that was modified for a tape warble type sound. Not a random LFO, but it does do that stretched tape type of thing.

Another thing that could be tried is adding a second LFO to modulate the circuit's primary LFO for a pseudo-random kinda thing
Yeh I really wanted to love the shallow water! It was a production model, and with the filter open it was almost unusable! And I say that as someone who loves noise and hiss! I wrote to them and they said it was considered normal for the circuit. It could’ve been an interaction between my power and single coils to some extent too. I think I’m leaning towards just buying an aqueduct or Lo fi junky.
With the right code, most of the FV-1 pedals available here should be able to do it.

Another option is try the 'lectric Mama. It has two random LFO waveform options and I don't consider it to be noisy.