The MuZZul


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Finally got to finish it. A Muzzle, no twist, no mod, except maybe for the external range switch.

It works well, but I still got to figure out how to best set it up with a delay in the FX loop. Probably the build that requires the most planning when it come to fitting all this in a box. I think I did alright.

57FF194C-8753-435D-B1F6-721EDB87A30D.jpeg 8E4A0A32-DDD0-4A06-A701-071163225A37.jpeg

Yes i know, there no knobs. I still need to put one on. 🤣

Feral Feline

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Buy some Blair's Death Sauce and turn the skull-trinket into the pedal's knob.


That way you get a cool knob, AND some flavour for whatever food you like!