This Week on the Breadboard: The Dark Esbat

Am I right in suggesting that this circuit (both the originals and Chuck's modded version) have at their core a Blue Breaker (Bluesbreaker) topology? If so, I'm wondering if your modded version is getting close to EHX's new "Spruce Goose"? EHX's Spruce Goose marketing copy seems to suggest it's a Bluesbreaker tweak with a Bandaxall...

Looks like it won't be too long before we know for sure!
I was playing around with boosts and the mofeta, and ran the dark esbat into it. Sounded pretty Iommically legit! Boosts in general really made the Mofeta jump to life. It--or my build of it-- is pretty muffly on its own. I even got high-gain metal sounds out of the dimed Colorsound boost-mofeta combo.