Trying to decide what language to use for the Daisy Seed in the Terrarium


I'm fairly competent with arduino so I have installed the DaisyDuino Library in the arduino IDE. I've also gone through all the steps of installing Visual Studio code and have been able compline and flash the blink demo there. Also I've looked in to Pure Data but haven't gone to far down that hole. Trying to find what most people are using or at least what has the most support. I feel like I'm close to cracking the code (sorry about the pun there) but just trying to decide what language to stick with.


that was my plan. I see that there is already a terrarium library which should help. Has anyone put together some sample builds for the terrarium in C++? I have found a few terrarium specific effects on github. Maybe its best to take that code and reverse engineer?


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As someone that made a career out of programming, all I can say is it's too damn bad that Unidata and other PICK derivatives tried as hard as possible to lock everyone out except commercial programmers on multi-hundred thousand dollar software packages. Bill Gates admitted that PICK's multi-value multi-dimensional 'change on the fly' database was "the most advanced database in the world". He copied it to make XML but cut corners and did a half ass job of it.

You just wouldn't believe how much easier it is to program in Unidata compared to C++ or VB..... blows SQL out of the water.

That saying, you couldn't pay me $125 an hour to go back to programming. And I can say that 'cuz that's how much I was making.... and I was undercutting the competition by $50 an hour.


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Programming microcontrollers to do something interesting is a lot different from being paid to make somebody else rich. I’m a retired SW engineer, and still enjoy the puzzle-solving aspect of programming.

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I talk to my plants and they die.

How 'bout an ancient Dialect from the Mesopotamian era?

My wife studied Pali as a part of her Buddhism Uni-classes; I don't recommend it, it's more complex than Latin.

Sorry, I shouldn't sh¡tpost in threads I've no business being in, but it still fascinates me.


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Definitely C++. I went on their forum a while ago and somebody was crapping all over C++ saying they should’ve used plain C. I find that just odd. I love C but it is very dated. C++ is not a walk in the park but at least you can more easily make reusable modules and more interesting designs. I guess everybody has their preferences!


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I learned C++ more than 20 years ago, and people where leaning toward C#. I haven't touched C++ code in a long time, but I remember it being easy enough to learn, I liked that language