Van Pelt Drive (JHS Charlie Brown)


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First of all, really nice sounding pedal. Glad that I took this one on! Need to spend some more time with it and comparing to some other pedals, but it sounded nice in A/B with a Nordland ODR-C I had sitting on the board next to it.

The OnSemi/Fairchild BS170s were purchased from Mouser and tested at ~2.28V Vgs(on), 1.6V Vgs(off), and 1.5 ohms for Rds(on). Seemed to be in good spec!

The enclosure is a Tayda standard PPCB drilled 5-hole. I used the gloss veneer on this one for the color printed areas only and it turned out great to my eye. I certainly recommend building this circuit as the 3-band EQ is nice to have in a low gainer.

I wanted to try the mini brutalist knobs from LMS. I think they work well with the 5-hole setup. IMG_1021.jpeg IMG_1024.jpeg
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