VIIB LFO not switching off in buffered bypass mode


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Recently built a VIIB and it's awesome. The pedal works as expected in true bypass mode, but in buffered bypass mode the effect is always on, even when I stomp the footswitch. The LEDs change color like they should, so I'm not sure if the relay is the issue.

I did accidentally leave my soldering iron on the relay for a second or two and theres a scorch mark so maybe the relay is damaged?

Also, the rise time control doesn't seem to have a noticeable effect no matter how I twist the knob.

I've made sure my transistors and ICs are oriented correctly, and I haven't messed with the trimmers for what it's worth. Anybody have any ideas as to why the LFO won't disengage (or why the rise time pot doesn't seem to change anything)?

When in buffered mode the effect does lessen significantly when I turn it "off", but it takes about a minute to decrease and doesn't go away fully. I can also still hear ticking, so maybe the LFO isn't being fully disengaged? I'm totally out of my depth here.
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