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    Tayda Shipping

    thanks Obama
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    Can't remove back of enclosure?

    sometimes this happens to me with Tayda enclosures I've been able to stick my tweezers under there and pry it up after a few tries
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    Made this for a friend but it's really blown me away. I haven't checked my Q1 voltage yet but I get super saggy blown out Neil Young stuff with the bass up and juiced out. Might have to make another one for myself. Well done, Chuck (also I need better labeling methods)
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    [SOLVED] This one got me (Bellum Fuzz MKII)

    nice looking pedal!
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    Boneyard Delegate

    mine is super smooth, definitely no overdrives here either I have to turn sustain and ratio pretty high to hear any compression effects, though I suspect the choice of LED and LDR could cause quite a difference between units
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    Fuzzhugger modified Algal Bloom

    I've been a huge FH fan for awhile now and just stumbled on this newish demo: Some of the tones in here are so beautiful. I definitely hear stuff that my standard AB can't do. I'd grab one of these right now but it seems the preorders all sold out He's also selling this pedal now which...
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    G&L guitar wiring

    Heads up for anyone that finds this, I do believe the wiring as shown has the treble knob operating the wrong way I thought switching the connections from lug 1 to lug 3 would fix it but it did not (possible I messed something up though) Anyone smarter than me reading and want to help? The...
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    What'd you forget in your order?

    I forgot knobs in my last order, at least I hope that's all I forgot...
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    Bellum Fuzz Mk 1 schematic

    yeah but Mk1 brings the mojo! Mk2 is just another big muff
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    Mirror Kliche

    the mirror finish is incredible where did you get the enclosure from?
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    Bellum Fuzz Mk 1 schematic

    I would. The Moonn Electronics build doc suggests 470n for them The 680p in the tone stack also looks suspicious. I ran it through the tone stack calculator and it's a very strange tone control. I may adjust mine to give a lot less scoop. I actually used to have a V2 Fuzz War but got rid of...
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    G&L guitar wiring

    roger that, for some reason it didn't cross my mind to search myself... I'll leave this page here:
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    Upcoming EQD / Boris collaboration pedal

    I'm very hyped for this
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    G&L guitar wiring

    I'm not sure if this is standard G&L wiring or specific to the Doheny, but this one's tone knobs are bass cut and treble cut, instead of simply one treble cut knob. Does anyone know a schematic or way to do this in a strat? It seems like such a useful...