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    [PedalPCB] Percolation Station

    Sick build. I need to grab one of these in my next order.
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    Muffin Fuzz (Big Muff - Triangle variant)

    I got a question for yall. Is there a way to make the bass end of the tone control useful at all? I know maybe using like a C taper pot might shift the range over but is there anything else that can be done?
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    Mhmm! I'm Mr. Frundles!

    Good God. Well done
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    Headphone Amplifier Mockup Pedal

    Dang these sold out already? I knew I should have ordered it yesterday
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    What's on the workbench?

    Oh hell yes I'm ordering a billion of these
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    What plectrum does everyone use?

    I'll never understand how yall play with picks thinner than 1.0mm lmao I simply can't and won't do it. No disrespect that's just me. It makes sense to me for acoustic guitar strumming but not electric
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    MBP Tourbus (Deluxe Memory Man)

    Great job. I really really want to build one of these to run vocals through like 1995 GBV
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    How do you clean your PCBs?

    I agree, most IPAs suck in my opinion. But when you find a good one it's quite nice
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    SSBS Mini

    Cool. I also noticed effects layouts now has a mini PCB as well for sale, in case anyone wanted to go that route as well
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    Neurocyton - Greer Soma

    It works! This pedal is "the sound" for me. Essential build in my book
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    Neurocyton - Greer Soma

    Made this for my barber in exchange for a cut lmao. Haven't plugged it in yet but it biased so I assume it's fine
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    Mojito: It’s better than the hype!

    Is this at all similar to the Viceroy?
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    SOLVED Neurocyton preamp help!

    I'm building another one of these soon I'll see if mine makes it. Have you checked the trim pot values are correct? I think they were 100k
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    Neurocyton Preamp (Greer Soma 63)

    I didn't have the voltages listed so I set them all to 4 5V but went back and made them closer to 4.0V and liked it a little better so I kept it
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    Neurocyton Preamp (Greer Soma 63)

    Nice build. Love this pedal, though I've never really heard the amp it's supposed to emulate. I leave my gain right around 12 o clock, bass and presence on 1 and treble around 11