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    “Correct Leakage Numbers”

    Use all the fuzzes or whatever in the studio. Live, get a Rat and you're set.
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    CONTEST Happy Day Turkey!

    I'll keep this on topic to the realm of pedal-building since that seems appropriate. I spent a period of time working in electronics (which was very far away from my educational background). I really felt disconnected from everything related to work as it wasn't related to my formal education...
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    Amazon Solder Station recommendation

    in any case, the Hakko FX888D is great.
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    “Correct Leakage Numbers”

    We already had this discussion:
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    THAT4305 dev board

    I'm really surprised to see through-hole parts on an EV kit / demo board. Interested to learn what you find out here.
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    “Correct Leakage Numbers”

    I’m pretty sure you answered your question. Where else are people using them? I can’t think of a time someone wanted them for anything other than a vintage circuit. Although, people may be seeking certain qualities such as gating too. Of course, you can always make a non-leaky Q leaky but not...
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo schematic please. I'm interested in building it, but want to be sure that I can mod it to add modes. EDIT: Are any of the other full-featured (harmonic) tremolos still happening?
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    Is it viable to do a square hole in a pedal enclosure?

    I make square cutouts by drilling out most of the area and finishing with files. Just be careful while marking the area and it goes pretty quick.
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    (Aion) Ampeg Scrambler

    Nice one! I have a vero build from awhile back. It is a bit idiosyncratic, but I like it. I think it offers some unique sounds other full-wave rectifier octave fuzzes (e.g., blender, tone machine) don’t. Glad to see it’s getting more attention (especially with an added gain stage to recover volume).
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    Common Source N-Channel JFET 'Fat' Control

    I was hoping to avoid adding another gain stage if possible, but I should be able to do that without being too lossy. I was curious if there was an obvious way that I was missing with the source cap.
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    Common Source N-Channel JFET 'Fat' Control

    Is there a way to variably alter the frequency response of an N-Channel JFET amplification stage with a pot instead of a toggle for the source capacitor? I'd like to keep the gain static and not disrupt the Vgs bias voltage in the process.
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    It's all in good fun

    Oh definitely. I was just picking at some low hanging fruit there.
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    It's all in good fun

    You mean instead of slapping some clip art on it?
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    Paragon mini dip switch orientation

    DIP switches are just SPST switches and are agnostic to orientation. You can install it either way. The connection will be made when you switch it to “ON” regardless of orientation.
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    That would be my assumption. I don’t think there’s anyone else really positioned to take on that kind of inventory.