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    What's on the workbench?

    Seattle NHL is making a branded pedal?
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    Thorpy The Dane - Based on ______??

    Ohh liking the new electro/film footprint.
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    IC Leg Benders

    Awesome. Thanks! Now to find a way to print it…
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    IC Leg Benders

    Is there something similar for axial component leg bending (i.e., for consistent tagboard installation). I know there are commercial options, but the ones I've seen seem to have pretty terrible reviews.
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    VP3203 substitute

    You could also just use a 1n5817 (drain to source) and omit R1 if you don’t want to bother with the mosfet. The mosfet scheme is more efficient w.r.t. current and doesn’t incur the same Vf loss, though. You could also jumper the ferrite bead. It’s there to suppress high frequency noise.
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    Jan Ray has two ICs?

    That is some gnarly looking goop. It looks like lava. Is that a one-sided board? I can’t see any traces on the bottom.
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    Muffin Fuzz (Big Muff - Triangle variant)

    Do it! It’s a good one. I like the flexibility of the mid scoop/flat/boost switch too.
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    Black Russian Variant - Muffin Fuzz

    It is a filtering cap. You could change it (I typically like to use a 100uF and 100nF in parallel), but the 22uF should be fine. Pretty much. The 2n5088 may run a bit hotter than the BC549C, though, which may have an impact on things. I like to use relatively low hFE transistors in the Russian...
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    I don’t know if this is an option, but I’d be down with a hybrid SMD (resistor) / TH (everything else) board if that would help with routing. Since this issue is unique to the TH board and not the previous SMD production runs, that could help things.
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    Muffin Fuzz (Big Muff - Triangle variant)

    Interesting. Doesn’t the civil war have 430pf feedback caps compared to the green’s 470pf? I’d expect the civil war to be brighter and less smooth? But maybe that’s what you’re referring to as a tighter low end.
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    NOTE -- New Daisy Seeds have hardware changes that require recompiling libraries

    The rhythmic delay program has a control that adds noise—could that be the issue?
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    Permanent Breadboard? What is it?

    More like a modified strip board. It has a ‘breadboard’ layout with connected rows and dedicated columns on the sides for power buses.
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    Cepheid TL022 Alternative?

    You can try any pin-compatible dual op amp. The TL022 is specified because it has a lower current draw and can help mitigate LFO ticking. Try a TL062 if you have it. Otherwise, check the data sheets of other dual op amps you have on hand.
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    Anyone ever reamed out a 6mm aluminium knob for a 6.35mm shaft? Good idea or not??

    You might find this worth checking out: It doesn’t have the amount of detail you were talking about nor a visual representation of the sweep, but it’s still handy if you approach it with the understanding that there will be idiosyncrasies...
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    Kliché in Gold

    Not sure if you have both or would like a comparison.