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    SOLVED Lab rat no signal

    Yep. You needed to orient it so the tab was in the top-right.
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    Kliche Mini SE

    Great build! I'm curious about those UF204 diodes. Where did you pick those up? And thanks for sharing the Vf plot!
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    SOLVED Lab rat no signal

    Whoops hasty reply. Isn’t it still oriented as if pin five is pin one?
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    SOLVED Lab rat no signal

    The tab on the metal can LM308 marks pin 8. It needs to be rotated 90° CCW.
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    Tayda 125b won't screw closed?

    My first thought reading that was: "Well, that's the jorts of closing an enclosure."
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    Life Pedal Clone (Parentheses Fuzz Mini) Tone Problem.

    There’s no difference in the circuits. What you’re probably hearing is differences in component values. Potentiometers can have tolerances up to +/-20%. This doesn’t matter much for voltage dividers, but when they are used as variable resistors, that can certainly have an impact.
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    Diplomat - Matchless DC30's EF86 Channel

    @vigilante398 there are discrepancies between the BOM and the silkscreen (e.g., two 1k5 resistors spec’d in the BOM, but nothing on the board). Should it be built to the values indicated on the board?
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    Tayda 125b won't screw closed?

    Is the enclosure painted? Overspray can get in there. Like @owlexifry said, screw it in, back it out, tap out anything dislodged, repeat.
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    Colossal Muffin Fuzz Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    You didn’t hold back with the tubescreamers.
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    Any use for noisy Ge transistors?

    An option to try is a crude noise gate with series antiparallel diodes and a parallel resistor with a divider to set the loss. You’d of course be introducing crossover distortion, but it may be worth trying.
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    Textured PCB?

    Does your design need to consider trace impedance, EMF radiation, differential signaling, and return paths? Otherwise don’t worry about it. Just don’t have isolated copper pours hanging out alone.
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    KiCAD Workflow Question (from Diptrace user)

    I just figured LTSpice was like that on every OS. It was released in 1999—the Mac version honestly feels outdated even for then.
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    KiCAD Workflow Question (from Diptrace user)

    DipTrace on Mac is like running a DOS emulator.