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    Rat doesn't work

    Take a look at my last three rat builds. They are all working good. Maybe you can see where you went wrong.
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    Rat doesn't work

    Gonna have to de-goop that and see what's going on inside.
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    Duo-Phase build, panel layout and LFO mod question...

    The Deadendfx Lola Phase has the square wave and expression pedal functions. I don't think they are simple hacks to add to this board. Ticking can be eliminated by making sure none of your wires (especially the in/out wires) go near the lfo sections of the pcb. Route the wires around the areas...
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    LED getting power but not lighting up

    The CLR is R100 on the Dung and R37 on the Promethium.
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    Shika Flubb

    Your pots are reversed. They would be working backwards installed like this.
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    Looking for inexpensive resistors?

    I don't mind skinny legs and all, if I'm soldering them in, but for the breadboard I need fat bottom girls.
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    No pedal signal for some of my first builds

    I have no experience with lead-free solder, I don't know how it flows, but I believe the working temp for it is about 300c.
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    No pedal signal for some of my first builds

    Your protection diode (d100) on the Chalumeau is backwards. That would make it not work. I'm concerned about the quality of many of your solder joints. It looks like iron temperature and/or solder type could be off. Also the corners of your pcbs have the solder mask scraped off. That could be...
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    MadBean Total Recall

    I absolutely love the "junk drawer" of parts in this. This is the real REAL mojo 😽. I fantasize that I'm an electron that gets to transglobally and temporally traverse your tidy timepiece through thoroughly thought out thoroughfares.
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    Working phaser pedal non working phase effect (xc phase)

    Did you use matched jfets?
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    Elka Dizzy Tone

    C102 is part of the voltage inverter/charge pump/power filter. leave it in. I love the dizzy tone. I crank all the knobs except the timbre knob. I like all the way down for the scooped mids. What hfe range did you go for? I personally like lower gain units in this one. Like half the gains that I...
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    Making Starboard Fuzz Louder?... I build this version of the fuzzrite that has an integrated boost, body control, and Hi-cut option. Unity volume is at 9 o'clock on this one.
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    Deadend fx The Thing enclosure

    I've built it. You need the extra depth for this (and most deadendfx projects) because they don't make provisions for jacks. All the jacks have to be installed over the pcb.
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    Searching the matching PCB for this schematic

    Looks like a LPB-1.
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    Squidward + Cream Pie Fuzz = Puffer Fish

    I love the Octron. Madbean used to have a board for a Pearl Octaver/Octron called the Low Rider. It was a killer circuit.