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    Laser Engraver

    That's my issue... My "workshop" is a side bedroom. I could hack together a ventilation system for it. But I still don't know if I can really afford the space it would take up with everything else I have in here. But i've been really interested in the idea of using spray paint as a mask for...
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    No work from home today, so my morning commute soundtrack was Cave-In - Jupiter Tom Waits - Anthology of Tom Waits A Place To Bury Strangers - Hologram
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    Now Playing... What are you Listening to Right Now?

    Can’t stand Fat Mike as a person, but those Punk-O-Rama CDs really opened me up to a lot of new bands. Including long time favs, Bad Religion.
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    Show us your...

    This is my newest, and third bass in total. a Schecter Diamond Series C4 Apocalypse. Never really looked at Schecter's before, but when I was browsing the main Japanese music gear site for lawsuit bass guitars, I came across this. I instantly fell in love with the finish, both the color and the...
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    Favorite guitar player that no one knows

    Munehiro Narita of the band High Rise is one of my favorite Japanese heavy psych/noise guitarists that doesn't get a lot of recognition in psych/noise circles in the US. The bass player went on to form Mainliner, another heavy psych band with Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Kawabata Makoto. Makoto...
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    When your hobbie is to assemble pedals but you live in europe

    Really? When I order from Japan it comes from the US... I always end up with 2-4 day shipping, but that seems odd that there is an option through HK but mine don't come from there.
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    This Week on the Breadboard: the Supro 1304 Fuzz (Repo Fuzz)

    He has his own channel now. AndyDemos
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    Earliest musical influences

    My parents weren't really much of an influence on me, I remember Clapton, Amy Grant, The Eagles being played in the car as a kid though. The first soundtracks I were ever bought were things like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie soundtrack on cassette. But my black sheep of the family...
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    I have a fondness for PT2399's, lol. But it's definitely a circuit that needs good ones, I had to go through a couple before I was happy. The rejected ones will probably end up in noise ensemble builds, since it doesn't matter if those are noisy.
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    I think it's a really useful delay. The three modes are different enough to be useful when placed in a single "build". I've really enjoyed playing with the RE-20 mode. I am wondering if my ramp mod was done... not incorrectly, but maybe the white H11F1 needed different resistors (though, I...
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    Thanks! Even though I love etching my pedals, I’m trying to start branching out into different enclosure techniques. Still need to try out Tayda’s UV printing.
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    Who we really are

    I honestly think that’s what really turned me on to building. The CE-2 worked straight away, and chorus is cool. But building a production model pcb for a killer drive just got me so excited. I wish I’d picked up the other kits while they were still available.
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    Who we really are

    I’m Bryan, just turned 37 a week ago. Here is me with the Japanese doom band, Boris outside of a photo exhibit about their US tour. Originally from Portland, Oregon where I was working as a substitute teacher after getting my Masters in social studies education and photographing the local punk...
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    Propolis, Muffin, Circulator, and Multiplex Echo

    Propolis fuzz gave me a great canvas for a full sized etch, and with how terrifying it can sound, I figured a xenomorph would be the perfect representation. And thankfully I had some leftover pcb mounts from some vero builds. I’ve built 3 big muff circuits so far so for this one I thought I’d...