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  1. BurntFingers

    Battery Mod

    You'll need to drill out the hole to 11.5mm too.
  2. BurntFingers

    Oruku pedal

    One of the jacks is wired backwards. Switch the live and ground wires around.
  3. BurntFingers

    6-band EQ

    Probably some of these bad boys: https://www.taydaelectronics.com/potentiometer-variable-resistors/slide-potentiometers.html
  4. BurntFingers

    Amentum Boost/EQD Arrows for Bass Mods

    I'd go way bigger. Say a 1uf at c2 and 470n ish at c3. You might need to go to a 2.2uf at the input cap down the line but see how you go.
  5. BurntFingers

    Get your Vacuum sealed fresh PCB!!! Get them while they're fresh!!!!

    Ready for the freezer. No doubt this is more secure than being taped a piece of paper.
  6. BurntFingers

    Who needs PCB when you can do this?

    It's a headphone amp. https://hirstlabs.blogspot.com/2014/09/crystal-cmoy-headphone-amplifier.html?m=1 I thought the title Hirst would be something to do with Damien Hirst, the artist who preserved the shark in formaldehyde for an art exhibit...
  7. BurntFingers

    Transistor question

    They all sound different and perform differently in circuits.
  8. BurntFingers

    Prince of Tone (Pauper) Question

    Ah yes you're right, there's some 10nf cap action going on. Still, I reckon that whole section can be streamlined. I wonder if something to do with esr in the signal path, like sticking a 220uf and 100n in the power section.
  9. BurntFingers

    Transistor question

    If you match the pinouts you've got an equivalent that will function in the circuit, but will most likely have different hfe characteristics. Best bet is to socket the q pads and roll transistors until you find a set you like. They come and go as manufacturers phase out obsolete models. But if...
  10. BurntFingers

    Paragon Electrolytic Capacitor Voltage

    You want at least double your intended voltage. So if that 10v is in the 18v line it will have a short life.
  11. BurntFingers

    CE-5 Chorus Ensemble (schematic provided)

    I'm not sure about you guys but I have trouble finding the chips for chorus pedals.
  12. BurntFingers

    Prince of Tone (Pauper) Question

    I was just looking at the schematic posted earlier on in this thread. What's with the parallel caps at the output? 2 x 1uf caps, one electrolytic, not bipolar, in parallel before the output so making 2uf total. The parallel layout seems odd. Could a 2.2uf electro do the same thing? There's...
  13. BurntFingers

    Tone stack location in signal chain

    The tone stack cuts volume. If you can put a gain recovery stage after it you can bring the volume back up. You'll notice on the big muff that's how they do it, there's a lbp1 circuit before the output to recover the loss. Incidentally I requested a tone stack and recovery stage PCB about a...
  14. BurntFingers

    Parts storage?

    Like the ones you'd use for storing cards?
  15. BurntFingers

    Parts storage?

    That does seem the way to go. It takes me longer to find a 47k resistor than it does to solder the entire board.