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    V3102 & V3207 BBD sourcing

    FYI, the V3207 and V3102 are (finally) back in stock. We consider them more reliable and consistent than the NOS MNxxxx chips (in fact we have stopped selling the NOS MN3207).
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    Aion Convex - Dinosaural OTC-201 Major Steggo Update!

    Isn't "LDR" the same thing as "Vactrol" -- e.g. photo resistor and a light source? I think Vactrol is just a brand name... is that not correct?
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    ...and a year later, finally, we are able to stock the V3207 and V3102 again. Hopefully a sign the semiconductor shortage is easing!
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    Deflector Build/Spin FV-1 Pre-Soldered?

    FYI, we just obtained a reflow station and may start offering pre-soldered FV-1s. That is, if we can ever get FV-1s in stock again! :) Current estimate is June/July but no telling for sure.
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    Low Tide

    We feel like we are, therefore we are :cool:
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    Possible fv-1 sighting at cabintech

    Was there a problem with checking out? We have plenty in stock (including some nice PedalPCB FV-1 DIL adapter boards :)).
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    Does anybody have a set of MN3207 and 3102 that they would be willing to sell?

    If you think you might have a bum MN3207, just drop us a line and we will gladly send you a replacement.
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    Cabintech Reliable for MN3207 +MN3102 in Caesar?

    In reality, that 10% failure rate is true for most all NOS BBDs, we are just trying to be honest about it. That said, the whole "NOS" thing is, IMHO, a bit of nonsense. Here is an un-official take: Panasonic/Matsushita stopped making BBDs like 15+ years ago. It seems improbable that there were...
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    Spin FV-1

    Oooooh, sorry, we are out of picks... you know the old "while supplies last" caveat. We have more on order but they are taking forever to get here (like everything these days).
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    Spin FV-1

    Actually, they just arrived today and are shipping now! (And yes, very legit :))
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    finding FV-1 chip?

    Not strictly FV-1 related, but since they are all gone now :( you might want to tinker with the FXCore chip which is really the next gen of FV-1. Like the FV-1 it has 16 built-in effects and is programmable for your own. A downside is that FXCore is all digital, you need external DACs to get...
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    finding FV-1 chip?

    Sorry about that... USPS suspended service to Australia. Now we have a bunch of packages coming back at us... ugh!
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    Xvive, like Coolaudio, serves the semiconductor needs of their parent company. They sell chips as a side business but in general do not produce anything the parent company does not use. We did get them to agree to make MN3207 chips again (they stopped a few years ago), but then the shortage hit...
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    We have tried to keep all our pre-shortage prices unless the manufacturer has raised their price (and we still don't raise our price until we run out of prior stock).
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    V3207 in stock at Cabintech

    Was this on our (Cabintech) site or GuitarPCB? Let us know if you continue to have any problem with the web site, we like to make sure it works smoothly for everyone.