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Recent content by cniers13

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    Oops, Bought Carbon Film Resistors

    Shouldn't be a problem, carbon tend to have a little more noise but they're just fine to use!
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    Nugget fuzz and buffer low volume

    Cleaned up the board. Now it seems like it's working but with all the knobs cranked the output is extremely low
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    Nugget fuzz and buffer low volume

    I will upload images. Also I currently do not have a a50k pot so I subbed for a 100k
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    Nugget fuzz and buffer low volume

    Hello all I recently just finished building the nugget fuzz and c - buffer. I have low effect level when the switch is pressed. Also the LED seems to be always on. I checked for cold joints and possible bridging and didn't see anything. Any help is appreciated
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    Blackstone Appliances MOSFET overdrive

    Would be a good addition, pretty sure Madbean has a board of it too.
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    Fairfield Shallow Water

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    Fairfield Shallow Water

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    Fairfield Shallow Water

    I have some screenshots of the PCB but they're too large to upload
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    Walrus audio luminary V2

    I'll take a look at the organ donor pedal, it was more the octave ranges of the Luminary that I like. I wonder if FV-1 can get close
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    Walrus audio luminary V2

    Any chance of something similar?
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    Parametric eq?

    Revival electric has a good 9 band eq. Would like to see something like that
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    Mesa Throttle Box

    I'll give it a go then, thanks!