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  1. Cybercow

    Spillway Vibrato ?

    Is the Spillway still coming with friends? Been looking forward to this one.
  2. Cybercow

    Duocast Ge specs

    Most any PNP germanium with low leakage will suffice. Just be aware of the pinouts.
  3. Cybercow

    Jack Orman's Pickup Simulator / Anti-Buffer...

    Yes. After finding Jack Orman's "Guitar Pickup Simulator" post, I had to try one of each. They both do precisely as the article cites. I can place one of these after my buffered wah pedal, just before my germanium Fuzz Face, and I get that good clean-up control back with my guitar's volume...
  4. Cybercow

    Gorva 125b

    Here's a build done in a white C90 Gorva enclosure. It is just a couple millimetres smaller than a BB enclosure.
  5. Cybercow

    Gorva 125b

    Actually, the Gorva C65 enclosure (Gorva's nearest neighbor to the 125B is a wee bit smaller than a 125B. The walls are the same thickness. A Gorva C65 is 60.8mm wide, 119.7mm long and 39mm deep (exterior dimensions). The 125B enclosure is 66.5mm wide, 121.9mm long and 38.5mm deep (exterior...
  6. Cybercow

    SOLVED bootlegdiode switch question

    A) - yes, the different Fvd (Forward Voltage Drop) of different clipping diodes makes a difference. B) - touching any conductive part of a live circuit cause the human body's natural capacitance to interact with a circuit in one fashion or another. If the signal still drops off when touching...
  7. Cybercow

    VTL5C10 - Help!

    Perhaps this chart will help you sort it out. You should be able to measure the difference with a DMM. The VTL5C1 measures ~50M Ω (dark) and the VTL5C10 measures ~400K Ω (dark).
  8. Cybercow

    Mitsubishi 5218A Op-amp

    Based on the M5128A datasheet, the DIP-8 M5128A and the TL072 are pin-for-pin compatible. The slew rate of the M5128A is ~3V/µs while the TL072 has a slew-rate of ~13V/µs. But you will not hear a difference. Dual Op Amp, Pin-for-Pin Equivalents: AD712 - Slew = 16V/µs CA3240 - Slew = 9V/µs...
  9. Cybercow

    Mitsubishi 5218A Op-amp

    The Mitsubishi M5128A is just another jellybean sort of opamp that can be used in most any pedal circuit that calls for a dual opamp. They are no longer in production and came in two package styles - DIP-8 and SIP-8. And IIRC, Boss used the SIP-8 packaging in several of their pedals in the...
  10. Cybercow

    Spacialist Patches ARE in the EEPROM Builder

    PikantniHumus - The Spacialist patches are as follows and each are available in the EEPROM Builder . . . . Patch Control 1 Control 2 Control 3 Room Dwell Pre-Delay Dampen Hall Dwell Pre-Delay Dampen Chamber Dwell Low High Cavern Dwell Low High Shimmer Dwell Shimmer Pitch Shimmer...
  11. Cybercow

    Use of EEPROM firmware

    Technically, it's an intellectual property issue of which it is doubtful any member of this specific community has much expertise. Personally, without attribution, I see it as a form of plagiarism.
  12. Cybercow

    Use of EEPROM firmware

    Because that's so above board?
  13. Cybercow

    Spring Reverb Pedal Build

    This one from OP Electronics worked nicely for me. OP Electronics Spring Reverb PCB <- click link
  14. Cybercow

    Opa2604 substitute.

    Dual Op Amp Equivalents: AD712 - Slew = 16V/µs CA3240 - Slew = 9V/µs; LF353 - Slew = 13V/µs LM358 - Slew = 0.3V/µs (@ unity) LM1458 - Slew = 0.5V/µs LM2903 - Diff. Comparator LM4558 - Slew = 1.7V/µs LT1490 - Slew = 0.06V/µs uPC4570 - Slew = 7V/µs LM4560 - Slew = 5.5V/µs LM4580 - Slew =...
  15. Cybercow

    This pedal $ is not going well...

    I wouldn't be surprised one bit if you reached out to Robert after a reasonable amount of time that suggests the package is actually lost in the mail, that he would just out-right replace it. Robert is quite the upstanding vendor in this PCB realm and his customer service is exceeded only by his...