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Recent content by DGWVI

  1. DGWVI

    What are you listening to?

    Inhaler and Infrared Riding Hood are probably their most accessible albums as far as production goes, but they do their thing perfectly on all of them. https://youtu.be/f97blSGbM_4
  2. DGWVI

    I'm returning to my large enclosures, and you can't stop me

    It is! I've just been kinda inundated at work, and with house projects. Worked out how I'm going to mount the bypass boards, and then Robert announced the new channel switching boards, so I'm rethinking the THCustoms relay system. Also been considering ditching one of the Pythagoras circuits for...
  3. DGWVI

    What are you listening to?

    Today, while prepping to paint the interior of the house, it's been TAD's discography
  4. DGWVI

    New Relay Bypass Module (Instant Switching)

    Will three channels be the max, or will it be expandable?
  5. DGWVI

    Envelope Filters

    I've been on a huge envelope filter kick lately. Heres some I'd love to see PedalPCB offer Snow White Auto Wah BassBalls MXR Envelope Filter I'd also love to see an envelope-contolled version of the Pro-Filter
  6. DGWVI

    Uplifting/joyful/inspiring music videos

    Not everyone's cup of tea, but these songs/ vids always raise my spirits
  7. DGWVI

    FV1 Envelope Filters

    I'd think you could make some sweet and unique auto-wah, envelope filters, and triggered filters for this platform. I'd try to make my own, but have yet to procure the FV1 Dev board
  8. DGWVI

    Let's See Your Amps

    All of these handmade amps having me wanting to build a tube amp, but the only tube amp I've ever really gotten on with was a '64 Bassman. Any one know of a kit? ;)
  9. DGWVI

    Do any of you play live, and what genre of music is it?

    Been a while since I've been in a band. The last gigging outfit I played with, I was singing/ screeching for a local black metal band. Otherwise, I generally just play scuzzy noisepunk
  10. DGWVI

    Let's See Your Amps

    Awesome! I've yet to build my own amp, but do have the desire to do so.
  11. DGWVI

    Let's See Your Amps

    Curious to see what everyone else used to get loud. Here's mine. Peavey Combo 115 and 4x10, and Randall Commander RG120. I got a little too loud with my guitar synths a while back and shredded the speakers I'm the Randall, so have to replace them at some point
  12. DGWVI

    What guitars do you all play?

    I've been trying to work up the motivation to get back in my woodshop so I can build myself a Flying VI
  13. DGWVI

    What guitars do you all play?

    Yep! Love the Commander series. It's currently out of commission right now due to the speakers being shredded, though. I've always dug the RD shape. That's the second one I've built. Here's the first, I just made the body and used an old Epiphone bass neck I found for cheap online:
  14. DGWVI

    What guitars do you all play?

    Except for the Squier VI and the body on the Jazz bass in the back, I've built all of these. They've all got 30.3" scale lengths, tuned down to Drop A. The white one on the right gets the most attention by far
  15. DGWVI

    What are you listening to?

    I'm blasting The Impossible Kid by Aesop Rock