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    SPST Footswitch Guidance

    I’m finally starting to get the appeal of relay switching, however long I am into this hobby. But I don’t really have a good grasp on what SPST footswitches are available out there in the same way that I have a preference for 3PDT switches that I could opine on for far too long if someone was...
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    Caesar Chorus - Steady Rate LED?

    I have some red würth electronics electrolytics from digikey
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    More Tayda Predrilled Enclosures

    Posting this one to the new wishlist format :) I know I'm not the only one who feels like saving that $2 from using a predrilled instead of an enclosure + custom drill service feels more like saving $20.
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    Pick whatever looks best that's in spec :)
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    Show us your...

    That's gotta feel amazing to have accomplished it like that, it looks gorgeous and I love your electronics setup!
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    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    you are a life saver, I was going insane !!!
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    Does this exist? Female 1/4" to Male 1/4"?

    I thought I've seen these before but after searching for a while I'm starting to convince myself I might have imagined them. Sort of a silly thing, I'll admit, but I'm looking for them for a non pedal related electronics project. Anyone know if I'm imagining an adapter that's female on one side...
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    'Best' Source for Pre-Cut Hook-Up Wire?

    If you’re looking for precut prefused/prebonded you won’t find it elsewhere really. Prefused is kind of rare to find on the retail level in general. Precut solid wire isn’t hard to find - it’s usually just called like breadboard wire or jumper wire
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I don't have many good photos showing the actual LED but this build shows how I use screw terminals: I laid out my thoughts on using screw terminals, and alternatives I've considered in this reply to a different thread
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    Hookup Wire #22 or #24. What is the right size for PedalPCB products.

    What’s the appeal of using buss wire / completely stripped solid wire there instead of regular solid or stranded?
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    A fail safe way to deal with LEDs

    I never even try to mount directly to the pcb. I use screw terminals for most off board components and just use wired LEDs with LED bezels
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    Greatest Hits Thread

    I’ll try to pick a best looking pedal but for now, best sounding. I built this in an unlabeled 3 knob tayda enclosure that I was using to test 3 knob builds before designing an enclosure for them. It’s a foxy lady big muff. Was not expecting to like it so much, but I haven’t been able to...
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    VFE Pedals -- An opportunity to become a "licensed builder"

    Seems like a weird roundabout way to not just hire employees if I'm being totally honest 🙃
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    What Strings, yes, a STRINGS thread!

    I use D'addario Jazz Flat Chromes in extra light (10-48) to reduce some of the brightness on my ESP guitar with EMGs. I absolutely love how that combination sounds. How well flats age is always a plus especially for someone who only plays at home. Might try them on my Telecaster sometime soon...
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    TX Pedals Animalizzer