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    Storage/organize IC's

    I started monitoring the humidity in my workspace over the winter and as a result I’ve switched to using the DIP plastic tubes that places like Digikey and Mouser ship in for ICs. I was very surprised by how low humidity it was, and how little I physically felt the difference between normal and...
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    Resource: Fuzz Topologies

    Drove me crazy too! Exactly why this was really eye opening for me. Those transistor count descriptions are pretty useless for understanding the circuitry, especially when you add that modern adaptations of these designs might use additional transistors for buffers and recovery/boosts. I’d...
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    How to get the coordinates right

    Does the free version of Acrobat have this? A while ago I recorded a video tutorial that I haven't edited together and I wanted to cover this in addition to Illustrator but I couldn't find a way to install the free Acrobat while I had Acrobat Pro installed. If it's in the free version this is...
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    Open vs closed frame jacks

    It should. Shrink tubing that has glue might be a slightly more durable solution as well. I like closed frames because positioning open frame jacks so that they don't short against the enclosure personally seems like it "takes up" more real estate (or more valuable real estate) than a closed...
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    Test Modules

    I have been so tempted to embrace my insanity and just make a breadboard pcb out of sip sockets for the reasons everyone’s talking about. If it’s not the leads its the tension of the socket but which leads and which socket, it gets so frustrating so fast
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    Who wouldn't find a use for...

    I don’t dabble in shrunken components, but my wife sure does
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    MPF4393 Alternative for Sabbath Distortion

    SMD version is getting harder to find too, but Digikey has them. Solder it onto an adapter board and you're good to go. If you haven't done SMD soldering before it's not that hard.
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    OBNE Signal Blender

    I like this idea a lot, personally for my imagined uses. The OBNE does it really well for an off the shelf pedal though and people might see it as easier to do than something more modular - especially because something like the OBNE blender is theoretically not that complicated for someone doing...
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    OBNE Signal Blender

    I’d throw in to buy one for a trace of this, if it’s out there anywhere I haven’t seen it
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    Drill templates will be available soon

    The email I send more than any other in my life is to Robert 4-8 hours after placing an order asking if I can basically double the order before it ships
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    Uncommon but in production diodes

    Pretty much exactly what I was thinking of (NOS stuff excluded). I’ve bought from them a handful of times but just transistors and germanium diodes and am annoyed that I am just now seeing how good their selection is for Si diodes.
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    MMBF5457’s and where they at?

    This surprised me so much to read. My parents still buy and use CDs and I would have assumed that there were enough people like them that would have a hard time learning spotify/apple music, let alone setting it up in a stereo/car, etc etc. Mind blowing! And very cool to hear about the vinyl...
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    Who's down for some SMD layouts?

    Do you mind linking? I use 3x-6x readers on my bench but absolutely hate that it’s not just one set of adjustable glasses. 4 pairs of glasses (I swear they all get used) takes up such a silly amount of space
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    Let's review footswitches.

    Absolutely fascinating insight on the pin spacing @manfesto. Definitely thought of the gorva switch as just a spec’d out product until reading that.