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    DIP-4 Sockets

    I've had a couple of bags of these on hand for a while and just gotta vouch for how useful they are. DIP-4 sockets aren't impossible to find but they definitely aren't easy to either. Love them for socketing diode or resistor pairs and so much easier to get them to lay nicer than snapped off SIP...
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    Tayda predrilled enclosures

    Update: :)
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    XC Phase Modifications Thread

    Thanks. I just placed a Tayda order for an enclosure for my build and am definitely gonna do this mod before it shows up.
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    XC Phase Modifications Thread

    On the XC Phase would that be R26 or R21, or a different one?
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    MXR Sub Machine

    Reposting from the old wishlist format - because like @thewintersoldier was, I am on a massive octave fuzz kick right now
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    HELP! PCB Layout Guidance

    Feel like the forum needs an option to send someone a paypal tip for a reply holy cow @Chuck D. Bones thank you
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    Buzz Aldrin - BC109 vs BC109C vs BC549(C)?

    to add to the chorus: I’ve substituted bc549cs several times and would do it again without a second’s thought. Any similar Hfe range low noise NPN should get you close, MPSA18, 2sc1815, etc.
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    Tayda UV Printing

    Roland's UV printers print in process other than white and finishes and will convert these spot colors to CMYK so there's really not any reason to go out of your way to use them over other CMYK color libraries. Obviously if it works for ya no reason to fix something that ain't broke. Took me a...
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    Tayda Gloss on Matte.

    Looks great @thewintersoldier!! Matte dark gray is such a sleeper hit in their lineup
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    Tayda UV Printing

    Ah my bad I forgot that's how he did it - I've just been doing them in illustrator from the jump without issue so I haven't actually read through his tutorials. If you're familiar with Illustrator, playing around with my enclosure template starting points might be enough to get the gist. Here's...
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    Tayda UV Printing

    I would start with @dmnCrawler's templates - they'll have the right spot color layers setup, I believe he also has a general tutorial on his website
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    Thoughts on Tayda IC's?

    I absolutely hate getting to the bottom of my resistor drawers and realizing I'm out of Tayda's Royal OHM resistors for a value. The thicker leads make bending neatly so easy for me. Re PT2399s: I've never had a memorably noisy one from Tayda but with PT2399s I try to buy them from as many...
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    Tayda UV Printing

    Completely agree with you on this. You're walking so we can run by figuring it all out and sharing :)
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    JCM-800 pedal

    Looks awesome! Also, if you haven't seen it before there are some amazing etsy sellers that do lamacoid engraved tags/trophy label type things that turn out killer on amps in boxes for recreating the appearance of control panels. Wish I could think of an example but I know I've seen some in the...
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    MIAB pedals

    There's a gutshot of a prototype of the LPD Eight7 on an archived reverb listing (attached just because the internet is fleeting!) and there are 1-2 (non technical) replies about it in a FSB thread on a Randall RG100ES in a Box pedal A slightly green question but is there a decent overview of...