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    DEMO One for the grandpa guitars.

    I like that. Very clean build and great graphics!
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    Deflector Reverb

    Yeah +1 with Cyber. This thing hits above it's weight class.
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    Deflector Reverb

    Good call on this one. It hasn’t left my board since I built it. Sounds crazy good.
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    Inspired by Clark Deluxe

    I love seeing this stuff!
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    Vox AC15-ish amp

    Damn you're killing it with these builds. Seriously cool.
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    PedalPCB Unicab

    I'm going to have to rethink this. I've been teetering on the darkside with Amplitube but this would be slick with my board and say...Aion's L5 pre.
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    MBP Tourbus (Deluxe Memory Man)

    What a nice build. That enclosure looks like the glass top on my patio table. Great write up too, I enjoyed this build because it was stretched out over a few evenings and like you really need to it was a great brain drain for me. I was pretty much the same with the...
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    It's my PedalPCB-iversary. Tell me your fav pedal + build tip.

    It's cool seeing the varied cross section of fave boards. For me it's the Deflector. I'm not even a reverb guy and I HATE spring reverb but this thing does it in spades when you need BIG reverb or cool pad/sound washes. It's been on my board since mid-2020. Malificent Mids is a total sleeper...
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    Gondwana - my quest for a DIY-ish IR loader

    This is crazy cool.
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    Echo Foxtrot - yet another simple tube preamp (coming soon)

    Looking forward to this!
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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

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    TH Black Eye (Soldano GTO) prototype build

    I’ve used mine with SD humbuckers, tele single coils, a Music Man with their active hum cancel/buffer and my bench guitar that has GFS active pickups (which sound really good btw) with no issues. Mostly Tayda parts.
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    Release the GIMP! aka Diynot learned a new trick aka Tourbus delay

    That looks awesome! Purple aluminums tips it in for the win as well. I have to admit that even for someone that isn't really crazy about analog delays I'm obsessed with this project. To the point where I built up three of them, knowing full well that when I show it to a couple of buddies I'll...