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    What's on the workbench?

    That would be awesome!
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    Cosmic Rift Deluxe Flanger

    That's KILLER Dan!!
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    Continuing to crush it. That looks very nice!!
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    Does anyone have info on the Bear Boost Plus from Small Bear?

    I'd email Steve, he's a good cat (well...bear I guess...) and I'm sure he'd forward over any docs. He probably doesn't realize the link is broken. And given that's it's a SB project he encourages a lot of experimentation so it's not surprising he didn't nail down cap values. I'd use whatever...
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    Electrovibe Lamp Life

    I know this will come back to haunt me, but gives me something to look forward to in my eventual retirement...
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    Electrovibe Lamp Life

    Betty Wont nailed it with the caps but got me thinking about the LFO. The LFO isn't a hard start/abrupt cutoff but a nice smooth wave. Well it's not smooth but that's just the Vibe magic. Regardless, it's not on/off. Put it this way: If your bulb burns out and I'm still alive, I'll offer to...
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    Two Rock John Mayer Sig Preamp Pedal

    This is the reason the internet exists. This is one of the most beautiful bits of electronica I've ever seen. And there are some VERY crafty builders hanging around these parts that I'm also in awe of. And the graphics spill over to the inside. I got nothing else. Just superb.
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    Electrovibe Lamp Life

    I'd think the constant on/off would be harder on the filaments than just letting it be. I've had a Voodoo Labs Vibe pedal for the better part of 20 years and no issues. Like any bulb it will fail eventually due to either burn out or mechanical trauma but that's true of virtually every part in...
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    A Thank You

    HEY...I resemble that remark...
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    This is an interesting read. Each project gets progressively better as you get more in depth with the machine. I'm on a bit of a parallel track with my laser.
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    Looks like SB is out of the 9203's but the do have the 7371. The Mouser part would be fine as well.
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    Electrovibe Build Docs

    That's correct with the Vibe switch.
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    Just re-capped my 92’ 5150

    Important question. Does it sound better, or was this a non-working fix? I'm running a 6505mh lately and can't even bring myself to change tubes because I'm so used to the sound. I guess in my case I can easily switch back to the old ones.
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    Light shield is nice for the setup but once it's closed up you should be good. Man, that's a great job. I love the red knobs and the way the red/black theme carries over to the inside. Nicely done!
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    Favorite guitar player that no one knows

    +1 on Keith Scott. Another Canadian that never got his dues was in a pretty much unknown band (at least Stateside): Kevin Fyhn from Queen City Kids.