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    Paragon Demo

    Hey, extra points for a great manicure. And this is on top a great demo.
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    What's on the workbench?

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    Splinters in my toes (but not ants in my eyes...)

    Whoa, that wood is gorgeous. I love the look and beyond the Moog inspiration it has a cool PAIA vibe as well.
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    My electrovibe build

    Does NOT get any cleaner than that.
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    Keep all your builds?

    I hoard everything but I've built up such a non-boxed bunch of stuff over the lockdown that I really need to deal with it. Lately I've sold off a ton of stuff thru a pal of mine that owns a music store. I give him insanely good margins because I'm lazy and his biz as a mom and pop shop has...
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    I really thought tonight was going to turn out different (I Efffffed up)

    Those are very cool. Not that I've ever mis-drilled any holes...:rolleyes:
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    Random pix

    I just put in an order and realized I forgot a handful of trimmers I was looking for. ALWAYS something...
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    Peavey Backstage 30 - speaker surround gone, looking to replace

    You will NOT be disappointed with the speaker.
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    Peavey Backstage 30 - speaker surround gone, looking to replace I really can't say enough good things about these folks. Speakers are superb. The Backstage is a nice little amp too, so it will benefit from a good replacement.
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    VFE Dragon SPS – "Olive"

    I looked at the pictures before reading the text and thought..."man that looks like a jjjimi84". Lovely bunch of work there. He did an enclosure for me of my late rabbit. Completely useless pet but she was one of the nicest things to happen to me and it's cool to have her image on a much used...
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    What's under your bench...

    The tractor seat stool is awesome! I have pretty much the same deal is PedalPCB but mine has white legs and has been glued and screwed together so many times I'm amazed it has the capacity to fall apart but it still does. Luckily it hasn't collapsed with me on it, or it would be in the fireplace.
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    Electrovibe (Big Monk)

    Yeah, sorry I misinterpreted. They should at least be relatively close.
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    Blue box or build?

    And it's cheap and easily sourced parts.
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    Blue box or build?

    Blue box sounds like nothing else. Well it does sound like the Zep recording but even that's a stretch. And Jeff Beck's use is like everything else he uses...nobody else can get that sound. It's worth building.
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    Ermagherd! Fuzz

    Damn that's clean. Great monster and every time I use the phrase "ermahgerd" I think of Midwayfair. He's the first one I heard use the expression so I assume it's his :)