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    Help me understand this schematic (Mach 1, Southern Belle)

    This is exactly what I do. Except for the bit before build it and listen to it.
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    BC183/BC184 Sandspur/Sunface

    BTW if you do use the BC183 make sure to check the pinout for the ones you're using. I think it's the BC183L which has a different pinout, but it has been a while since I used them.
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    BC183/BC184 Sandspur/Sunface

    What's the hfe of a BC108C? it's probably not that different. I've built one with the BC108 and it didn't knock my socks off. There's no particular mojo with a BC108 as far as I can see. Or hear. Some of my favourite Big Muff style pedals have been made with much lower hfe transistors than...
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    Does the Marsh Fuzz really need all that filtering?

    Well obviously you gotta have spares! Yeah I was wondering about the two 100K and the 12R4 too. Actually did a double take at the double 100K. Maybe 200K resistors aren't available in Brazil? Maybe 12R4 resistors are extremely hip with the kids? Especially in series with a pot! They speak...
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    Does the Marsh Fuzz really need all that filtering?

    Well however it's designed I like the sound. I don't find the bias pot to be useful - Is it supposed to allow for starved transistor sounds or is it a tone-enhancing thing? It doesn't seem to do much on my pedal. And the Fuzz pot almost needs to be a C++ taper. Wouldn't that be handy?? Even...
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    Does the Marsh Fuzz really need all that filtering?

    I pulled out my Marsh Fuzz to use today and it really is a good sounding pedal, whether used as a boost or a fuzz. So I went back to this site and looked at the schematic - does the designer have shares in an electrolytic factory? I've seen so many fuzz pedals with next to no filtering and most...
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    2 in 1 help

    Couple of things - The joint of the output wire at the jack is a bit messy - you don't want plastic getting in your solder joint. But obviously it's working if you're getting a bypass signal. My main area of concern would be the transistor sockets. I have always had issues with those. Why not...
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    Hot air gun for SMD work?

    I wonder if you could use that hotplate to solder SMD transistors directly to a larger PCB? For example the Brownout OD (Subdecay Variac) has pads for SMD Jfets. Could I use the method in the clip above to solder SMD Jfets to that board? I have no experience with SMD at all - I have always...
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    DuoCast (But what exactly is it?)

    I've used a few Callaham parts, including his steel Strat bridge. Overall I'm kinda underwhelmed with his stuff. Beautifully made usually but I don't really think the parts sound better. And the steel bridge I bought had the wrong angle for the whammy bar. It comes out at 90 degrees rather than...
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    Lumberg VS SBP house brand power jacks

    The Tayda cheap versions fall apart pretty easily. I've had all sorts of interesting problems with them. Weird noises from short circuits, parts of the socket coming out with the plug, solder lugs disappearing... The noises have been remarkable.
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    Dust Covers For Dual Gang Pots?

    I usually just put a couple of layers of masking tape over them. Now all I have to do is work out how to 3D print masking tape.
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    PedalPCB Arachnid

    Where I live the redback spider is very common. It looks almost identical to the Black Widow and does eat its mate, but its behavior otherwise is quite different. And they'll give you a nasty bite alright! I am used to killing them in my garage and occasionally see one in the corner of my...
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    PedalPCB Arachnid

    But it's not just the size... He has SIX of 'em!!
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    PFUKR250 - "A Dove has Spread Her Wings"

    Wow. Stunning. One of the best I've seen.
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    Dimension-C build (Aion Blueshift Spatial)

    Firstly I think you have done an incredible job. It looks amazing - and I'm sure it sounds great too, having owned an original in prehistory. I even had a Dimension C for a while! This is probably the only chorus pedal I would ever use - and even then sparingly. Looking at your incredible work...