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Recent content by HamishR

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    Pedalboard Torch

    I have some 10mm LEDs that would be perfect for that!
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    Wire Question(s)

    The solid vs stranded wire is an issue which comes up in amp building too. Yes, solid wire is easier to work with and stays put better. But it also is way more liable to snap at critical places. There are places where it is fine to use solid - places where there will be zero movement, for...
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    Frost Drive

    Your builds are always so neat and the graphics are excellent - how do you do the graphics?
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    Wonder Drive (Airis Savage Drive)

    I LOVE those graphics. That's my kinda pedal!
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    Your Toolbox

    And a turntable playing actual records - I have one in my office too. My son's girlfriend loves vinyl and bought me some records a while ago. I love that vinyl has made a comeback. CDs are great for convenience but I don't stoop to MP3s for listening except on aeroplanes. I still play my records...
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    old ceramic caps?

    Old ceramics will be handy for fuzzes and things where you might not always want "pristine". Skreddy often uses a lot of old ceramics in various pedals specifically for the tone. It would make an interesting experiment to try building a pedal you are familiar with using as many old ceramic caps...
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    squidward/tentacle 1590a build

    Oh i didn't realise it was a one-piece bezel/LED thing. Well you made it work. Well done!
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    squidward/tentacle 1590a build

    I use 5mm LEDs and just use a 5mm hole for them. No bezel. I like minimal. There's not a lot of room in a 1590A. o_O
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    " If I was going to name a pedal after a Game Show host, it would be someone respectable, like Alex Trebek or Groucho Marx." Man you are showing your age! As it is, living in Australia I never even knew Groucho hosted a tv show until Youtube. And I have no idea who Alex Trebek is. Have you...
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    Mint Frost Drive

    You say it's mint but I can see some paint missing on the underneath edge. I'd call that excellent condition, not mint. :LOL: So how does this one compare sound-wise with the other one?
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    Frost Drive

    Photoshop is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands! :eek:
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    squidward/tentacle 1590a build

    Ha! Yup, one lesson I learnt early on was check the board for ground contacts, whether against the sockets, enclosure or the lid when screwed down. Sometimes the pedal will work fine until you put the lid on and it hits the switch. Love the enclosure - nice work!
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    Weird Barber pedals experiment

    Nick that's exactly what I would suggest. It seems that he has put all of his favourite ideas into the one pedal. I used the schematic for the Compact Direct Drive to build one version of it as my Direct Drive and that's the one which sound particularly JMP and possibly JCM800 like. I think it's...
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    As mwymwy (sounds Welsh) says: "Just showing some fucking respect for Sir Man". Or as Bret says "Sir Human". I have learnt a lot in this thread.
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    Twin Face Cancels-out Delay Pedal...

    I would suspect the One-Spot. It sounds like you might have too many pedals coming off the one supply. Just a guess.