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    Hydra Modifications Thread

    Use an A10K for the mix pot, but clip off pin 3. That leaves the buffered dry, analog signal at 100% at all mix settings.
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    Hydra Modifications Thread

    2 & 4 was a complete makeover for me. I don't do the drone/ambient style at all, so being able to dial the effect in subtly made it work a lot better for rock'n'roll. IMHO, with that setup, it rivals any digital 'tape delay' I've heard.
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    Servo Fuzz Face

    PNP board verified. WooHoo! I got a few more NPN Ge from Smallbear in case I need to make a another couple of these.
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    This Week on the Breadboard: The 'lectric Mama Flanger

    Sweetness! Exciting stuff. Any chance you could explain how you're doing the programming for those of us less digitally inclined?
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    This Week on the Breadboard: MOSFET Driver Redux

    Any issues using a dual opamp, with the second half as the buffer replacing the mosfet emitter follower at the output?
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    Fjord Fuzz Berserk

    What about ditching R14 and R13, using a 27K for R17 and a 5K trimmer for R18 with the wiper going to R15 for biasing?
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    Talk about GAS....

    Big part of the guitar playing experience is the feel. I gotta feel those farts, so I'll hold out for V2.
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    Check it out!

    Phase 90 to 91? Leaving us with a cliffhanger! Great article, Chuck!
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    Fender Blues Jr Conversions

    Love to find a broken one cheap. Perfect for a Lightning or Carmen Ghia.
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    Looking for compact 20w Tube Heads...

    Dammit, guys. I'm never gonna get that outta my head now. I was perfectly fine in life and now I have to have one of those Triwatts.
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    The MacGuffin - A Dumble ODS preamp with submini tubes

    It's just a personal project with a lot of SMD parts and pretty uncommon tubes - not at all suited for a DIY project.
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    The Mechanic - a servo-biased Ge Fuzz

    Thanks, bud. I didn't realize the pics weren't clickable til you said something, so I got some bigger versions.
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    The Mechanic - a servo-biased Ge Fuzz

    So I was fumbling around with using an opamp servo to bias JFETs and Chuck followed with a killer servo design for a Fuzz Face-style Germanium fuzz. In short, it's the absolute BALLS. Easily among the favorite fuzz boxes I've ever built - or played, for that matter. You can see the schematic and...
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    This Week on the Breadboard: The 'lectric Mama Flanger

    OMG, you're right. I forgot all about his flanger project.