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    Reduce volume of Greengage

    Go back to 100K but use an audio taper pot.
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    Which King of Tone do you have?

    I did my own version with all the controls external, including hi-gain mod. I also used another inverting opamp stage to align the input and output phase as well as give it some more available output. Easy to understand why this design is so popular. It's extremely versatile and sounds great...
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    PedalPCB Electrovibe Mini

    Sausage and beans. Yum. What LDRs did you use? Haven't gotten around to mine and I need to do it.
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    ON-ON-ON Toggle Switch

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    ON-ON-ON Toggle Switch

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    The excavation has begun....

    Whoof. $1,500
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    Slow forum servers?

    Same here
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    Reactionary/alarmist solid-state build

    From what I'm reading, tube supply should rebound before too long, though I don't think prices will be as low as we've gotten used to. A lot of the problem is panic buying - including me, who got caught without a backup set el84s. @vigilante398 you never cease to impress me. That was fast...
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    Guitar pots recommendation

    I'm curious about these, but I'd need knobs for knurled shaft and I was hoping to keep using the standard Rickenbacker design.
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    Guitar pots recommendation

    I'm seeing CTS guitar pots with a "J" taper. Thinking that might be the ticket for a volume pot.
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    Guitar pots recommendation

    Looking for recommendations for some really good guitar pots: better taper, quality feel. I know there are some companies speccing out 'premium' pots and I'm not sure what's out there and what's really worth the extra dough.
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    This Week on the Breadboard - ROG Azabache

    I went back and breadboarded the Azabache not too long ago when I was messing around with biasing. Didn't like it nearly as much as I remembered, I gotta say.
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    Tube preamp (do I dare bring up modelers!?!?!?)

    Funny this came up. I recently met up with a guy who has a Fuchs ODS and we A/B tested the ODS submini tube preamp pedal I made using the Fuch's loop return. We both thought the pedal preamp actually sounded just as good, if not a bit better! I'm suspicious the depletion mode, high -voltage...
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    Lunar Cosmo - skreddy lunar module

    Daaaaamn. Those SGs are gorgeous. Even some swank Souldier straps. Love mine.