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    Thunder Pipe MPS2222 & MPA2222?

    Thank you!
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    Thunder Pipe MPS2222 & MPA2222?

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    Thunder Pipe MPS2222 & MPA2222?

    Hello folks, About to build the Thunder Pipe and I’m curious about Q3. On my board Q3 is listed as MPA2222 and I cannot seem to find this particular transistor. I’m wondering if it’s a misprint on the silk screen and is supposed to be the MPS2222 like Q4? If anyone has built one of these I’d...
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    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silkscreen?

    I’ve don’t that as well. Polarized caps anode is square and LED anode is the circle (except for a couple boards Crackle being one of them)... Every once in a while I build an Aion board then I really get messed up when it comes to the LED....
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    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silkscreen?

    Thank you very much! It was the sneaky 220n Electrolytic caps.
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    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silkscreen?

    Yes I did.... thank you! It was late, I was in a hurry. Thank you!! Gonna have to throw some film caps in there.
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    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silkscreen?

    I’m hoping someone has Shrapnel pcb floating around to take a photo showing the components and post in a reply. I built two identical Shrapnel’s and I’m convinced I have a wrong value resistor somewhere as I’m getting almost no output at all when volume and gain are full CW. I’d like to double...
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    Photo of Shrapnel (Gunshot) silk screen?

    I’m hoping someone has a photo of the silk screen for the Shrapnel board? I think I was a bit hasty and through in the wrong value resistor and I’d like to double check the values. Here’s a photo of my board if someone can spot the wrong value resistor. I’m getting hardly any output at all...
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    Missing Build Docs / Schematics

    Shrapnel build docs pretty please? :)
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    POLL - Do you use 3PDT breakout boards?

    Just ordered 20 more on a recent order! Love em.
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    Bellum MKI vs. MKII

    So, I built two of the MKII’s and they sounded great. I built two of the MKI’s (leaving out the *27k resistor* and the two *ge diodes*) and it sounded similar to the MKII’s except I had to turn the volume pot full CW to get close to unity volume. Curious if anyone else has had the same issue...
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    *Bellum MKI*

    That’s a great idea! Thanks
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    *Bellum MKI*

    Hello all, Im about to build a couple of the Bellum MKI’s and noticed the *27k* resistor and two *ge diodes* listed on the silk screen. I searched through the forum and only found a mention about the 27k. I don’t suppose anyone knows why these particular components have the * on each side of...
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    Arkaim Fuzz

    Looks gorgeous, nice work! How’d the 2n2222’s sound compared to the BC338’s and what hfe did you shoot for? I see the BC338’s have a range of 100-650, perhaps this is one of those circuits hfe isn’t incredibly important.
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    Valhalla PCB

    Thank you very much and thank you for the update, great news!!