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    Pre troubleshooting the Dunder chief

    It will still work Fine.
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    Octuplet Octave Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!
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    BC183LB Pin outs

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    Introducing... the PoRSemeat - Overhyped Overdrive

    I noted that the Voice Knob seems to be critical in the make or break of this pedal!? Most demo's seem to crank it (Voice) up or it loses note separation. The Treble seems to be set low? I was thinking it needs a Larger value Voice pot???
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    Mercurial Boost (Catlinbread Varioboost)

    I own an Original & I also built this, It's a Great little Boost to fine tune your Pickups! Here is Brettt Kingman who was the agent for Catalinbread at the time in Australia:
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    Projectile Overdrive Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    Robert has a pedal on the Drawing board at the moment, that will be payment enough! If you stopped building Pedals & spent that time Practicing, you may play like Mike Hermans! :D
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    DEMO EQUILUX BUILD. Yes yes yes.

    Is there a Gutshot of the Pedal? ;)
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    SOLVED Dark Rift Delay

    You have used Fly leads to your Potentiometers, Check to see they are going to the the correct Pads. They could be in reverse? HLF doesn't list the PT2399 on there website so It could be an Issue, not sure? Where was the purchase from?
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    Projectile Overdrive Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

    This is based on the Projector 385 from the 50/60's that has a Tube Amplifier in it that can produce Tweedish style Sounds!? Popular for being modded into an Amp!
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    I Aim to Misbehave...

    I found the BSIAB pedals seem to have that rounded off sound ala lack of highs! I purchased one way back & promptly returned & swapped it for a more versatile pedal! I put it down to being a Bridge only type of pedal for soloing, a one trick pony.
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    Kliche weirdness

    Pictures are worth a Thousand words!. From where & what type of Gemanium diodes did you use?
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    shnobel tone drivers (daily / mid)

    This may tell you what you need to know:
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    Octarock Octave Mockup Pedal - Coming Soon!

    Also available in these Semi Transparent Mockup Colours:
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    Octarock Octave Mockup Pedal - Coming Soon!
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    VHS Success! - First Build

    I do, but it's on the inside to absorb the click! Stainless Steel washer on the top: