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    What's your favorite Fuzz Face build?

    Oooh I got some favorite mods! -B500k for volume and C1k for fuzz. Always found the stock pots bunched the whole useable range in the last bit of rotation. These tapers gave me a LOT more useable room and fine-tweakability. -Bump the 330-470R resistor up to 1k for a bit more volume. -External...
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    Jameco electronics

    Be weary of jameco. They are known for selling fake parts, just google "jameco counterfeit", there's some weighty articles and audits. I've gotten a few LM308N and can LM308AH. They have worked but I doubt they're legit, the dip8 LM308N's look particularly cheesy. Don't have the gear to test...
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    Let's review footswitches.

    Well let's crack 'em open! Left to right: Alpha, Tayda (1.1kg version), Vimex, Gorva, Dailywell Probably not super useful without details pics, but construction of Alpha and Tayda is similar but without a doubt different. Tayda has a softer casing, and the spring is has less tension, giving...
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    Let's review footswitches.

    Isn't the LMS switch a Gorva with a different stamp?
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    Which OPA2134?

    OPA2134PA is what you're after if you want the standard 8pin DIP chip.
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    1n60 w/ Vf @ .86?

    That seems a bit higher than "normal" at 5mA, but looking at a few 1n60 datasheets, max Vf could be as high as 1v at 5ma. I have no experience with the atlas, but a lot of standard multimeters test at 1-2ma which would likely show up as something closer to the .2-.4 range you're used to. Is it...
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    Reputable source for LM308N?

    Jameco has a few!
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    Germanium Diodes for sale?

    I can vouch for stompboxparts and smallbear. Pedalhacker is new to me, great selection!
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    Anyone with experience with Meistersinger pedals? Looking to mod my chorus

    I'm having a tough time jumping back and forth between pics and schematics but I think I figured it out. I think the spot to look at is the 47k resistor between pins 1 and 6 of the 4558p. Before adding a switch, test and try lifting this leg, should kill the dry signal.
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    I Need a Better Clear Coat...

    This can has given me good results. My best looking clear coats have always been 2 to 4 mist coats before doing anything that's considered a light/medium coat. Then I do 2 (maybe more) light coats.
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    Bad DC Jacks

    I've never liked that style. Same issues. Connection is really tight but somehow still cuts out power when bumped. I think most knockoffs use a true 2.1mm center pin when other "standard" jacks use a 2mm. Looking at Lumberg datasheets, the center pin is 2mm and also at 2degree angle. Good...
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    Informant Overdrive

    Great looking build! Appreciate the demo, too. You've been cookin' up a ton lately, I'm jealous! I've had one of the Informant boards sitting around for months and need to get around to building it. I love the sound of the Rat with lower gain and I've been eager to try a DRV for a long while...
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    Vimex pots ok?

    Totally fine. I actually prefer them to Alpha if I’m given a choice. Fiberglass wafer is a lot stronger than that orange wafer that Alphas use.
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    Hyped Fuzz 1/8w resistors

    I use 1/4w angled, works fine. You can always bump up the power handling on resistors in any circuit (if they fit).
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    Caeser volume boost.

    I've done this mod to a CE-2 several times (except I want it louder). I'm not sure which resistors it is exactly on the Caesar/Julia (based on CE-2), but on the CE-2 I'll adjust R21 (dry) and R22 (wet). I usually knock these down to 42k which gives a slightly noticeable volume boost to my ears...