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    PedalPCB Terrarium - Compact Daisy Development Platform

    Electrosmith is expecting new stock for the Daisy sometime this month.
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    My favorite FV-1 pedals are the Deflector and Hydra.
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    Design Challenge #2

    I have left my "PeptOverdrive" on my board and usually leave it on at a relatively low gain setting to fatten the signal. It has tons more character than any 4049 IC fuzz I have made over the years.
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    What the glitch is going on?

    I think the rising popularity of ambient sounds for guitars is being driven by how keyboard-centric a lot of indie music has become in the last few years. The guitars in those bands often end up contributing to the ambient sound space. It is also creating some space for new uses of wah pedals...
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    Any progress in the last year on offering a pedalpcb version of the G. Wyllie Moonrock?

    Just checking to see if this is still somewhere in the queue. I continue to enjoy the (unnecessarily large) build from the DeadendFX board. cool article from 3/21 about Wyllie and his pedals:
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    Triangulum - no sound on bypass

    seems like a new footswitch is called for.
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    Triangulum - no sound on bypass

    I did the tests, and I can confirm that when the bypass is on the legs 2 and 3, legs 8 and 9 and legs 3 and 9 are all connected. So, my conclusion is that the footswitch is broken. (I didn't check the operability of the switch before reinstallation of the breakout board.) Just to be clear --...
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    Triangulum - no sound on bypass

    removing the breakout board probably put a lot more heat and pressure on the pins that when it was installed. did you check to see if the switch was still working before you reinstalled the breakout board? for future reference, that would have been the easiest time to replace a bad switch...
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    Triangulum - no sound on bypass

    if it works when the effect is on, but not in bypass, use your meter to check continuity on the footswitch legs. here is one way to do it: 1. make sure that legs 3 and 9 are connected when the pedal is in bypass 2. check to see if legs 2 and 3 are connected when the pedal is in bypass AND 3...
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    SOLVED Low Tide - No Audible Chorus Effect When Engaged

    when you are changing the gate settings with just the wet signal you should have some instances where the gate blocks your signal. it that happening?
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    3PDT Breakout Board (for Buffered effects)
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    3PDT Breakout Board (for Buffered effects)

    the new comprehensive drive has buffered bypass, but also comes with a custom breakout board for the footswitch
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    Expectation: High/Low…

    I built the Meridian and like it as an interesting preamp. Subtle to hear it doing anything except when you a/b it to a bypassed signal.
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    Is my breadboard dying?

    i can see how components with bigger leads might open up the holes on a breadboard so they don't snugly hold a smaller lead.
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    Favorite guitar player that no one knows

    Danny Gatton. Saw him play a couple of times at the Twist and Shout in Bethesda MD (same place mentioned in the Mary Chapin Carpenter hit song, if that registers with anyone). For completely different reasons I would also put Bill Kirchen from...