3-Channel Mixer Mockup

Just built one, works perfectly. One question, though: wasn’t there some talk on the forum here somewhere about having phase switches on this?
what would this be used for? 3 instruments? Prolly a stupid question, but I can’t figure it out.lol
I may be alone in this, but I'd love to see a pcb mounted jacks version. And phase inversion is kinda a must have. Is it not as simple as reversing the inverting and non-inverting inputs?
Not a big deal with wet only time based stuff but when stacking dirt boxes, it's gonna hurt.
idk... more PCB mounting means more precision drilling.
Or less precision filing. 😄
But really, if you get the z axis correct with the jacks, you have vertical wiggle room with the pots.
Plus you have some vertical wiggle with the jacks via the pins.
I don't think 3 jacks and 3 pots would be any more difficult than 6 pots with a good drill template.
The pots and jacks would likely align on x axis as well.
My thought is smaller enclosure. There's absolutely no benefit in this being any larger than needed. No one is dedicating large knobs or nice artwork to this as a standalone. And if you want to couple the splitter in mixer in one box, you'd hope it's smaller than the EHX and to not have a rats nest, right?
In turn, there could be parallel pads for solderlug jacks. May not be perfectly symmetrical but the led and power pads on a lot of the ppcb boards aren't either(then non-2.54 spacing messes with my super easy testing jig idea).