3pdt breakout: wires keep snapping


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Hi folks! I'm trying to build a Triangulum boost – my first-ever non-kit pedal build – and I'm having a hell of a time connecting the 3pdt breakout board to the main board. I'll successfully solder a few holes but then a wire will just snap, I'll have to clean out the pad, another connection will break… rinse and repeat ad infinitum. At this point, a few of the breakout board holes are somewhat damaged and are having a hard time taking solder.

As you'll see in the attached pic I already soldered the breakout board to the switch. Lesson learned, I guess.

What do you recommend I do? At this point I'm tempted to break the breakout off the switch and wire up its lugs the old fashioned way, or even buy a new switch, but I'd prefer to use what I already have.


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It happened to my on my first build. I didn't allocate for the switch being about half an inch higher than where I was measuring. Now I add about an inch more than I think I need and it's been working great and also allows for some latitude if the board ever needs to be removed.