Acrobat Parametric Distortion

What is the part number for the Input/output and expression jacks? I don't have any of the pcb mounted jacks on hand and Tayda has so many options I'm not sure which one is correct. Thanks
These are the type I used for the prototypes:

I'm planning to work up an alternate Tayda drill template with slotted holes for the jacks so these can also be used, but you'd need the holes slotted to the edge of the enclosure in order to use them.
Would these work as well for all 3 jacks?
That looks similar, both are clones of the Neutrik NMJ6HCD2.

Also, you might want to drill a slightly oversized hole for the expression jack. It needs to be insulated from the enclosure.
Thanks. While I have you, what are the FCR14422 used for? Is it for the jacks?
Yep, they're for grounding the enclosure.

You really only need one, either on the input or output jack, or you can ground it by some other method.
Ooh so that's what those holes are on the PCB on the ends of jacks??
Sorry, one last thing (maybe), for the rotary pot daughterboard, is it meant to mount to the PCB with pin headers? I haven't used those yet...

Yep, just get a strip of these and break off the number of pins you need. (1x5 and 1x6)

I solder them into the main PCB before installing it into the enclosure, short end into the PCB, long end pointing up on the component side of the board.

Drop the rotary switch into the enclosure, slide the breakout board into the pins and down over the lugs of the rotary, then solder in place.

Make sure you set the limit washer on the rotary switch so you have 5 positions. (should be the fourth hole)
@Robert do you have a pic of your prototype. Before build reports show up it might be useful to see an example.