Algorithmic Reverb for Terrarium

Yeah I'm using the smaller L78L05 regulator too, so probably not the cause. I would be curious to know why some builds have the noise and some don't. Word is that Electro-smith is working on a new revision of the Seed to optimize for guitar input/outputs, so I'll be keeping an eye out for that.
Maybe I’ll hold out diving into my daisy build to see if they do make a guitar specific seed.
I just downloaded the cloudseed.bin and installed it using the Daisy web tool. it seemed to install correctly. My terrarium works in bypass, hitting the left footswitch causes the sound to cut out. I chose “seed” from the menu, I’m assuming that is correct.

I’m guessing this partially working since the bypass audio is passed through the daisy seed.

I downloaded the repo and tried to build it for myself. I put the cloudseed folder in the DaisyExamples folder and copied the .vscode folder into that. “task build” seemed to work fine but “task build_and_program” fails with an error.

I’m just getting started.
I just finished up a port of Cloud Seed to the Terrarium, and wanted to share. Cloud Seed is an algorithmic (as opposed to convolution) open source reverb plugin, released under the MIT license. I was amazed when I first tried out the plugin, it seems comparable in sound quality to some of the Strymon reverb algorithms. Someone else had already modified the code to work with the Daisy Patch platform, so adapting it to the Terrarium was fairly easy. I tried to make the best use of the 6 knobs and 4 switches, but there are a ton of parameters under the hood that developers could play around with. Here is a demo video of the features and controls:

And here is the code and where you can download the "cloudseed.bin" for uploading to the Daisy Seed.
I've been tampering with the terrarium for about a year. Fried 2 seeds and now I have a third one. I can load files like multi delay but can't get the Terraium version to work. What I really would like is one simple file to download and flash using the Daisy web Programmer.