Blueberry Muffin Factory


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Another build report! This time with a Muffin Factory, king of all.. muffins?

I’m typically agnostic toward Muffs, finding them too compressed or else too bloated or fizzy. This project offers plenty of experimenting (obviously), so I viewed it as an opportunity to mix and match settings to find something useful. And I totally did!

Here’s some eye candy from the build progress:

First, the initial test fitting after drilling. Lovely, isn’t it? :p

The PCB and daughterboard:

And the final product. Thank @Robert for faceplates!

Initial play through: I set the toggles to their “stock positions” for Silicon transistors and diodes, etc… The DIPs were all in the down/off position, and I do not recommend it! Woof. But after consulting the schematic and making the necessary adjustments, I quickly found a setting I really enjoyed (pictured in the faceplate photo).

All-in-all, an incredibly worthwhile build! The process was as straightforward as could be, especially considering the enormous amount of options. Also, kudos to Robert for the Tone Bypass tweak. I remember there’s usually an enormous volume jump, but he cleverly got around that.

At some point I’d like to build another with tweaked part values further suited to my taste. Perhaps a cranberry orange Muffin? :unsure:
Wry cool. What does the hole under the faceplate look like. One long rectangle with a dremel?
Pretty much what that second picture looks like. No dremel for me. I did it the PPCB method: drilling 185996549841 holes and punching it out, lol
Same! Then I used a file to flatten out the results a little. Aluminum is pretty soft so it didn’t take much effort at all.