Box 66 switch doesn't seem to change anything


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Hey everyone,

I just finished up building a Box 66 and for some reason the toggle switch doesn't appear to change the tone in any way. I want to say there is a minuscule difference but I almost feel like I'm making that up in my head to try and convince myself I didn't mess up. After watching some demos of the pedal it is based off of I feel like the switch should make a pretty substantial tone change and it's not here on this build.

Here are some gut pics to help;

IMG_6105.jpg IMG_6104.jpg

I can't seem to see anything physically that I did wrong but I can't for the life of me read schematics so I don't even know where I would start to troubleshoot something like this.

For reference this is the switch I used in the build;

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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In the sake of helping out, I just built a Box 66...(I was actually planning on building one today all along). The switch on mine doesn't do much either. In Super Bee mode, its a little thicker...fatter. In 66 mode, is a tad thinner. That's about it. I imagine changing C3 and C7 (to like 2n2 and 15n or so) would make a bigger difference.


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I was doing a bit of research, and apparently there were a few different versions of the D*A*M 1966. The earliest is the version the PCB was based on. There was another that switch the two different output caps for different resistors across the output pot. I believe there was a third version as well. There was also a stand-alone Super Bee pedal that was based on the Vox ToneBender, but considerably different from the Super Bee setting on the 66…