Bring out yer Diptrace

How does this work? You don't need the 9v battery anymore?

EMG sells a box that basically powers pickups via the ring contact, this is just a lot of power filtering with that, a voltage switch and a separate buffer.

New resonant LPF for onboard preamp applications:


This version is for low tunings, with big enough cap footprints at C5 and C6 to allow using 2.5% polypro film caps in the money slots. and I made it easier to use parallel caps in those slots to get better tuning resolution, since this design can be very tweaky stability-wise.
One for Culture Jam's Duo-Vibe ( that I banged out at work today. Stole the wave control from effectslayouts' pcb. Made the response switch a pot for little reason other than I hate asymmetric controls and wanted to still use a 4 knob tayda enclosure. Figured worst case scenario I just end up hooking up a switch to the pads.

Been wanting to try fun arced traces for a while now and after seeing some of @KR Sound 's most recent boards figured I'd do teardrops as well! Solder mask hidden here to show off both of those :)

I also saw the curvy traces on @KR Sound's boards and decided that I wanted some of that for me. I've also been seeing lots of super Rad Dizzy Elk builds, so I just sent this off to Shenzhen for fabrication. The board is designed for a specific set of transistors that sounded great on the breadboard (a pair of MP21E's in Q1 and Q2 and 3AX31C for Q3). No polarity protection on the board as that's being handled by the over-voltage and polarity protection circuit on my I/O breakout board. Looking forward to taking this for a spin!

Dizzy Tone Front.png