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Okay last one for a bit…maybe 😂

This is based on Chuck’s schematic, with the simple relay bypass daughter board precariously close to the switch haha (there’s a gap I swear). Used a transistor for the diode and an old AC127 I salvaged. Sounds mean as hell, I love it. The pictures came out pink but the enclosure is much more purple in real life.

I put the output unity gain buffer on a switch but jumped it for this build.

Nice one, the artwork is very elegant.

It looks like a cloud or some smoke taking the shape of a bird skull ?

I wonder if it's perfectly safe to solder both jack's ground to the board with jumpers ?

If the jack's screws get a bit loose with time, they might start turning inside their holes when someone will plugg some cable in there. So i would be afraid that the ground pads could get lots of tension and maybe some damage ?
I always send instructions on how to tighten them properly if they get loose. I’ve been doing it this way for years and haven’t heard anything negative.