CDXL Response

Chuck D. Bones

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Haven't breadboarded it yet (got a PlimSoul mod going on the breadboard), but I did run some simulations. Are you absolutely sure that C6 & C7 are the right values? You can read them both?

Try this: temporarily install (tack solder) a resistor in parallel with R5. Anything around 470K will work. See if that makes any difference. This test will at least prove or disprove that the filter Q is too high in your build. I remain skeptical that there is anything wrong with the Xvive part. Still possible, just no convincing evidence.


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Sorry to be resurrecting an old thread, but I really wanted to build a CDXL classic. After waiting a couple months and never getting notified for the pcb, I figured I'll make myself a PCB based on PedalPCB schematic and layout as a way to get familiar with EAGLE. At the time I didn't know people were having issues with this thing, so I went and got myself the xvive reissue vactrol from SBE. Had this same exact problem but after messing around, I actually ended up lowering the R9 to 870ohm, and swapped the C5 to 10uF. Not sure how well it performs compared to the original but it seems to be working for me.