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Got this one buttoned up last night. Been wanting to build this one for a while. Got this one from @Nostradoomus . Thanks homie.

I really dig the sound of this thing. Yes, it's based off a cheap practice amp but its just a lot of fun. I was disappointed at first when I finished it, the output was super weak. With everything maxed it was just over unity. So after that I went back thru the forum and saw others went with a 150k resistor instead of 33k for R18. I made the change and it made such a big difference. To me this is necessary. And also reminded me to look on the forum BEFORE building. Either way, easy mod.

Another mod was to put the saturate toggle on a footswitch. Which is pretty much what Acorn pedals did with their version of this. It's a pretty significant difference so I felt it really warranted it. I'd rather have not wasted a 3PDT but I didn't have any DPDT. All good.

Also, I would highly recommend running this at 18V. This made enough of a difference for me as well.

I went with the metal Daiertek which I've used on a couple builds now. They are solid and relatively inexpensive.

Good old fashioned "solid state" fun.


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