Electrovibe Audio Issue


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Hi all,

Built up an Electrovibe for my father in law. Sounds great but there's an issue when re-engaging the effect that I can't quite solve as of yet.

I can email a video of my issues to anyone interested as the minute-long video won't post to Imgur or here.

First and most importantly, the sound cuts out for 2-3 seconds after turning it off then on again. So far I have changed the charge pump, foot switch, input, and output jack wiring. I am getting continuity from the foot switch to the board just fine.

Second and possibly related issue, the status LED remains dimly lit when the unit is off.

I went through the mod thread and only implemented the unity gain mod after installing the resistor it called for in the build sheet.

The odd things I have had to do to make this board work include wiring the lamp regulator on the opposite side of the board and inversing the orientation. I also have fly-by-wire dual gang pots on the speed controls. I have insulated as many potential shorts as possible, but I imagine there still could be one present causing this audio issue.

Thank you for any help.


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Another dilemma.

I built up a new board because the other was garbage.

Current issues include no effect audio (bypass is fine) and no lamp.

Does anyone have measurements from the test points they can share? I am getting some current through the Lamp but it does not light.

I can share pictures via email.

Thank you.