ElectroVibe Modifications Thread

UPDATE 8/16/2023: I no longer recommend a lot of this stuff. In my opinion, there are better levers to pull and I have documented them here:

The Monk Face: A Modernized Univibe

With that said, let's discuss what I think are the most impactful and basic mods:

1.) Change R4 to 4.7M and Change R2 (stock preamp gain is 4) to increase gain. Here is a table of R2 values and corresponding gain increase:

3.9k = 4.25
4.7k = 4.91
5.6k = 5.66
6.2k = 6.16
6.8k = 6.66

7.5k = 7.25

Doing this fixes the unity gain issue and actually allows you to boost in the preamp, which can be quite useful.

2.) To increase depth at slow speed and increase overall speed available, Change C8 to 2.2u and R14/R15 to 1.5k.

If you want to modify further, see the link above to the Monk Vibe thread.

Please disregard the diagrams below. They are left for posterity.
@Big Monk Do you still recommend the rate LED mod that is listed in the diagram?
hello guys. ive tried some of the monk mods and it sounded great at first,but ive lost strobe to the bulb. I i think its in the min/max speed mod. R12 to 5m. R14&R15 to 2.7k. do i need to up the 2.7k's to 3.3k, or am i doing something wrong? Thanks
this is probably a dumb question im a totally newbie...so I have to use the same colored LED on this build or can I do a green and blue? that was my initial plan. Im not doing any mods besides the unity gain. I just wanted two different colored LEDs but if I have to mod it to work ill just use the same one