Favorite Big muff variant?


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I have been exploring the endless amount of PCBs and vero layouts for Big Muffs. I know this is a huge category and everyone is different, but what are your favorite big muffs. clones, varients, mods... alll things muff. I have a JHS modded Big Muff Pi. This is the only muff I have ever had my hands on. It's great but I want to see what other muffs have to offer. thanks for any input.
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Me too!
Triangle: 69 #2, 70 #10(? I can’t remember exactly, it’s the one in the PPCB build docs), 72 #2.

Ram’s Head: the 47, the 73, 73 Violet, 73 #5, 76 # 12 (maybe, which ever one is the Mascis)

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I love the Stomp 73 (violet) Muff version I built on the Muff board from here. I got another Muff board and I'm going to be an absolute 🥜 and socket the whole board so I can try out every version. Which ever one I like best, I'm going to solder to the sockets.

Also been sitting on the Aion Osiris board, which I'm going to put together after I build MBP Archibald tube driver this week.

I love the Muff, pun intended.
There are variants where there are only 4 or less component differences. With those I build them both in the same box, with the different components on a 4pdt toggle. You can also mod the tone stack in various ways: for example, a toggle that gives you stock tone stack, or one with boosted mids…
EFE/DAM Dope Priest and the the 72 Triangle #2 (with NPN transistors) off the Kit Rae site (very close to the Hizumitas). Generally, I like the ones with the 47nf clipping caps better it seems. You can turn the tone control further clockwise for more cut without it sounding like a can of bees. I have one I made a build report for (the pink muff) where I tweaked some things around to use 1uf and 560pf caps in the clipping sections and it sounds really good too: https://forum.pedalpcb.com/threads/another-day-another-muffin.12091/


This Shin Ei Sekova clone was another great one

Sekova Big Muff Schematic.jpg
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I am always impressed by the Big Muff Op-Amp. Among my favorite fuzzes along with Fuzz Factory from Zvex and DoD Punkifier (ppcb's pacifier).

There's also a great EHX suboctave fuzz called Deluxe Octave Multiplexer, available at Lectric FX as Dowtown Fuzz. A "hidden gem" that sounds amazingly good.

According to the docs, there is a standard big muff tone control, but I wonder if the built-in fuzz circuit is some big muff variant ?
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