Get to the Choppa! - Chop Shop

Good choice on the cream; black trashcans would've taken too much emphasis away from the graphic.

So, which voice is in your head when you read/internally say "Get to the Choppa!"?

A) Arnold Schwarznoogie​
B) Sillvestered Stalloned​
C) John ClodVanDamned​
D) udder​
Here's the finished enclosure. Once I put this back together I decided to rebias everything by ear. Moving the SAG knob caused oscillation, so I did the best I could with finding a sweet spot to dial everything in. It sounds soooooooo much better than before and I biased the JFETs with too much voltage before.
Curious what voltages you landed on. Fully CW on sag on mine will make my out but go noticeably quieter. I biased to 6.0v.