How did you label your hammered finish box?


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Just curious is anyone labeled their Hammered finished box, I have a Tyrian in a copper finished one looks cool but the Tyrian I just couldn’t get into so that little guy is going up for adoption.... Anyways has anyone tried to decal one?(that seems like that wouldn’t work very well. ) hand painted? Etched? Engraved?. Or futile effort?


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There is some stuff model builders use on water slides that softens them to conform to texture, but no personal experience with it


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@Barry is talking about Micro Sol and Micro Set. If you're using regular waterslides that stuff is great at getting the decal to lay on uneven surfaces. I don't think I would use it with the no-film stuff, though, because of the glue (maybe I'll experiment one day).


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If you have really deep valleys in the hammered finish even softener may not help. But why not give it a try...


Looking at some hobby forums they recommend a little vinegar as a Micro Sol substitute.

I was also thinking waterslide for my upcoming hammered tonebender builds. The Basic Audio stuff looks great. What people use did they use back in the day though, ink stamps?
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