Hydra delay Halloween edition


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This is my 9th build. It was easy and fired up without a hitch. I will probably work on getting some 1/8 watt resistors as I don’t love the look of the 1/4s in this. I have 4 kids and they have enjoyed turning the ghosts on and off. I’m running this after dirt and before modulation on my board. I’m hoping to use this to replace the SDE-330 I have in my rack. It likely can’t make all the sounds of the SDE and isn’t in stereo but is certainly much easier to use and the delays sound beautiful. I really like the range of the age knob.

My older daughter and I are working on the design for dual LM386 pedal that I have been playing with on my breadboard. I will post it here when it’s done. I appreciate all the threads on pedal design and building in this forum.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


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