NIGHTMARE - A Halloween build (DBA Echo Dream II)


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Hello friends!

This build's spooky tale begins with a screwed up Tayda enclosure. I was intending to make a fancy abstract UV printed enclosure for an Into The Unknown PCB from Parasit Studio. Not only were the labels misaligned with the holes, but I somehow didn't realize the original drill template was meant for side jacks, so there wasn't nearly enough room for the top jacks. Truly one of my proudest moments:

(The eagle-eyed among you may spot a backwards diode on this Into The Unknown PCB, but that's for another build report)

I read somewhere online that you can mix superglue and baking soda together to make a super hard, highly durable gap-filler. I decided to give this enclosure a 2nd life and proceeded to fill some holes! After letting it dry for a while, I drilled some new holes for a different PCB!

This new, different PCB is PCB Guitar Mania's Echo Nightmare SMD, one of the few projects that PCB Guitar Mania offers that has good reviews within the DIY community. Populating the PCB was fast and easy (since most of the circuit's components are SMD and pre-populated. Wow!).
For the pedal art, I wanted to keep a little bit of the original art + the glue + sanding, so: after a bit of paint, and a few paper labels ...

Eww! Some guts! Happy Halloween!


I was lucky enough to have the pedal fire up perfectly the first try, which was a relief after the long journey it took to bring it to life. The XR2206CP IC is actually a knock-off from AliExpress - I'm happy to report that it seems to work well. As far as I can tell, the pedal sounds exactly like demo videos on YouTube. It's pretty fun actually, I found it to be more usable than most of the other "weird" pedals I've built so far.

I did find one issue with PCB Guitar Mania's project - the PCB documentation lists the left switch as a "Dry-Blend" switch, and the original DBA pedal's documentation says this about the switch: "Up for clean blend, down to kill the dry signal and hear only the repeats.". I thought it strange that there would be a Dry Only mode but followed the PCB docs and labeled it as Blend / Dry Only. After some experimentation I found that the switch operates not as a Dry Only but a Wet Only, and in the opposite orientation compared to the DBA pedal - so I still need to change my label on this switch from Blend / Dry Only to Wet Only / Blend.
Aside from that little label issue I'm quite happy with how this build ended up coming together. Thanks for reading my build report!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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