Hyped fuzz dpdt..which one


All my on-on-on are Type 1, some from Tayda, some from a local brick&mortar, a couple from GuitarPCB, elsewhere.

I've got several builds held up because they need Type 2, which I can never seem to find. I've made inquiries with several suppliers and they either don't understand there are two types, or don't have them, or both don't understand and don't have them (confirmed after ordering blind from a few companies and received Type 1).

Small Bear's shipping is prohibitive for me, so I can't get them there until I have enough items to warrant the $hipping.


Any other places that carry Type II other than Small Bear? Thanks in advance.


The on-on-on I have are from Love My Switches. They test as Type 2 per this diagram. They are Taiway...but on the casing, under the name Taiway, they are marked "T1".



I just miss this switch foro this build, anyone know where i can find one without paying 15$ of shipping just for 1 switch?