I do build things-- A Behemoth almost done!


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I finally, well, mostly got a build done. Just needs an LED and knobs. The hard part(s) I had were the send/return jack wiring, hard to solder to pc pins.. and the lowest volume pot.. that poor cap... I'm deciding between silver or light blue knobs.

Anywho, cringe at the MARVELOUS artwork. I spent about an hour staring at GC's listing for a Hof and paused 20seconds in to Paperback Writer... so here is my horrid tribute to a group that truly were a 'behemoth of rock's early days and maybe not the 1st to go a few places, they dug in pretty deep and exposed the rest of us to it ;)


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That's an impressive stuff!
What's this based off of?
Looks like a mystery machine or Dr robert into a beltron reverb?
Also, gonna need some skinny knobs!
And the commitment of no bypass!
search Destiny Behemoth here on the forums, it's not actually a pedal and I'm waiting for the chuckle heads to point out my error, I was tired when I did it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Davies 1900 sized it just fine.
After a short nap, and looking for a set of IC's on my disaster of a desk I found I had a bag of SBP knobs in white that I had gotten at same time as the box, jacks and pots... 🤦‍♂️


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Looks great!

Drilled both the mode positions by accident?

I drilled lettered and clear coated mine before I noticed that there's a provision for an LED but no LED location on the drill template - You could just throw an LED in that extra hole.
That's what the hole is for, the LED, I just had them stuffed in another box.. somewhere... I did misplace a bag of 15 white knobs for 2 months right UNDER my nose, literally! I hope I have a couple blues left, green/yellow bi-color or the left over pinks I used for a PLL organ project would be.. off
This is looking great! How do you like the sound of it?

Can I ask why no aux input?
sounds need a fiddle of the internal trimmers but with a couple actual Fender amps I only use this if I can't sleep. As for the AUX jack, when I ordered the places I trust/can get in a reasonable time frame were out of 1/8 TRS. I might put it in when I get a new batch of blue LED's AND it's in stock this side of the Pacific ;)
I don’t find myself using the aux in a ton as of late but when I travel it is in heavy rotation.