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This is another one of the crazy circuits Nils at Moonn gives us to build. It is an old design from 2012, created by Fred Briggs.

As Nils describes it:
A crazy noisy Fuzz/Distortion
Into a Big Muff style tone control
Into a trashy-ass Delay!!!
And yes it is as stupid as it sounds.

I'd say, it's actually not quite as stupid as it sounds. There is chaos, noise and oscillation available, sure, but you could tame things a bit, if you wanted.
Then again, where's the fun in that?
The only thing that is stupid is the Starve switch (VOLT) as it more or less kills the signal. If you're brave enough to build this, maybe just leave it out. There are still enough knobs and switches.

As I didn't pay attention to the regulator (mixed up 7805 vs 78l05), I had to improvise a bit with what I had at hand. 😆
Not pretty, but it works.